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Request: Yugioh cards (Allenton DE24) - Hey all, looking for some or as many as possible amount of yugioh cards, both new and old. Any gifted would be awesome. Thanks Guillem Request: Any ds and upward pokemon games (Allenton DE24) - Hi all My younger brother is looking for any unwanted pokemon games which people no longer want or need. Will be extremely grateful Thanks and kind regards Guillem Request: Unwanted Desktop PC (Allenton DE24) - Anyone has any unwanted desktop computers they want to get rid of easily and free, pls don't hesitate to read this and message me. Thanks and kind regards Guillem Request: Fell computer (Allenton DE24) Received - Hi all, Dell computer if possible. Any will do Thanks Guillem Request: Fm2 processor (Allenton DE24) Received - Hi all im in desperate need of a fm2 socket processor pls. If you guy have one lying around which you don't want pls let me know. Thanks Guillem Request: computer towers (Allenton DE24) - Hi all Any computer not needed or used anymore and clogging up dust??? Feel free to get rid of them and gift them to me. It would be highly appreciated Regards Request: leather computer chair (Allenton DE24) - hi all i was wondering if i could possibly get a leather computer chair please. if anyone put there has one and has no need for it let me know. Thanks Guillem Request: speakers (Allenton DE24) - High all, I was wondering if anyone has some decent speakers lying around which they don't use and want anymore cheers Guille. Request: computer parts (Allenton DE24) - Hi all I was wondering if anyone has any motherboards or processors which they are getting rid of so am3 boards or processors and ddr3 ram. Thanks Guillem Request: Graphics card (Allenton DE24) - Hi all im close to completing my brothers computer and so all i need now is a half decent graphics card. thanks Guillem. Request: computer parts (Allenton DE24) - hi all im building a gaming computer of a standard for my younger brother and i would love it and be extremely thankfull if i could recieve any parts i can get first before buying new parts. thanks