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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Gym weights (SW2 - Brixton) - Would love 4 x 0.5KGS or 4 x 1KGS dumbbell weights (I already have the spindles). Many thanks :-) Offer: Wheelie bins (SW2 - Brixton) - There are several wheelie bins at the end of my street that have been abandoned ! I’ve checked with neighbours and no one wants them. They attract fly tipping so hoping someone can make use of them and take them away! There are slim ones and regular size - black ones for rubbish and also green ones for recycling. Thanks for looking Offer: Telephone extension wire (SW2 - Brixton) - 2 x 10 metre - please note all of the plugs/sockets have been removed from the ends apart from one socket! This is what I had left after some work at my home to sort out telephone lines, hoping someone can make use of the wire left over !
Offer: Siphon diaphragm & washer (SW2 - Brixton) - New siphon diaphragm & washer - hoping someone can use it!
Request: 4KGS weights (SW2 - Brixton) Received - A long shot but if anyone has 2 x 4KGS weights they don’t need anymore that would be amazing ! Thank you :-) Offer: Pan lid - 20cm (SW2 - Brixton) - Hope someone has a pan they can use this for !
Offer: Bin with 3 compartments - SW2 (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Three compartments so great for separating rubbish, food recycling and regular recycling PLEASE NOTE: the spring/hinge on one the top compartments has broken, as you can see from the picture. Hoping someone can fix it! Thanks for looking
Offer: Phone socket & internet filter (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Thanks for looking
Offer: Duoflush syphon & accessories (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Dudley turbo 88 adjustable duoflush syphon, cistern coupling kit for close couples cisterns & pretex washers. All new and unopened Thanks for looking
Offer: Rough soil (SW2 - Brixton) - 8 manageable size bags of rough soil (not suitable for top soil)
Offer: Chipboard (SW2 - Brixton) - Old and marked but very solid. Approx. size 104cm by 62cm (4.5cm thick). Thanks for looking
Offer: Marine ply wood (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Approx. 122cm by 45cm (1cm thick). Thanks for looking
Offer: Old wooden crate (SW2 - Brixton) - One strip of wood missing - but I have a strip of wood to replace it that you can have. Approx size: 100cm by 65cm, 16cm deep Thanks for looking
Offer: Various bits of old wood (SW2 - Brixton) - Hope someone can use these for something!
Offer: Rough soil (SW2 - Brixton) - I’m happy to put this into manageable size bags for collection. This wouldn’t be good for top soil as quality is poor, but I’m hoping it can be of use somehow in a garden project! This would be around 10 - 15 manageable sized bags worth I reckon
Offer: 9 bags of hardcore (SW2 - Brixton) - Each bag is not too heavy so manageable to lift !
Offer: Vegetation for composting (SW2 - Brixton) - There is a lot! You are welcome to take any amount, even a small amount! It’s made up of cut down ivy and buddleia bush
Offer: Fire wood (SW2 - Brixton) - Needs drying out as this is freshly cut
Offer: Kindling wood (SW2 - Brixton) - Decent size pile of kindling wood !
Offer: Breeze blocks (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Around 56 in total, good condition. Approx. dimensions: Length: 44cm Height: 13.5cm Depth: 21.5cm They are heavy, around 30KGS to 40KGS each (at a guess). Ideally looking for someone to take them all, but if not possible happy for people to take smaller amounts. Thanks for looking
Offer: Garage door (SW2 - Brixton) Gifted - Up and over fibreglass and metal. 210cm wide and 197cm tall. Less than 5cm thick and weighs around 30KGS. The brand is Wicks. The dirt is superficial and will come off with a clean. The lock/handle is missing and that area slightly damaged (see pic). All the mechanisms are with it but may not work/need some repair. Hopefully someone can make use of it! Thanks for looking
Offer: Fridge for spares - SW2 (SW2 - Brixton) - Under counter white fridge. How stopped working but hoping someone else can either fix it or use it for spares
Offer: Under counter fridge - broken (SW2 - Brixton) - Standard size under counter fridge. It’s stopped working (the light still comes on though when you open the door). I’m hoping someone can repair it or use it for spares. Thanks for looking ! Offer: Leather swivel office chair (Llandudno LL30) Gifted - Has a bit of wear as seen in close up photo (the line of lighter colour is not the leather torn, just a bit worn). It is still perfectly usable and good quality - was around £100 new Offer: Leather swivel office chair (Llandudno LL30) Gifted - Has a bit of wear as seen in second photo, but still perfectly usable