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Offer: Camping chair (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Nearly new. Has a cup/glass holder attached. Goes into its bag when folded. Ruth in Riwlas Offer: Climbing rope (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Full weight, 150ft, green. Surplus to requirements. Use for climbing at your own risk. Offer: Hosepipe 87ft long (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - This is wound on a reel on wheels. The wheeler is rusty but is still mobile. There are attached input and output fittings for the water but not sure if they are useable without some maintenance. The handle to wind the reel needs fixing back on but it can be wound without. Offer: Nails (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - 60x 5 inch nails - new - still in package. Ruth in Rhiwlas. Offer: Climbing Club Newsletters (Rhiwlas LL57) Withdrawn - Austrian Alpine Club Newsletters from Summer 2014 no. 202 to Winter 2020 no. 224. All about 8 pages of details & photos of short & long members' adventures world wide but mostly in Austria. Currently isolated & boxed in the garage. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Climber's footware (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Pair of Sportiva Rock Jock shoes size 8. Well used but very robust and plenty of life left in them. Owner sadly unable to use them anymore.. Offer: Plug -in lawnmower (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Very well used but still works. Bosch Rotak 370ER. Not a big machine. Will be possible to collect from driveway. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Wireless-G Network Starter Kit (Rhiwlas LL57) Withdrawn - Netgear kit. Box opened but never used. For use with ADSL Broadband (through the telephone line) Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Glass for cold frame? (Rhiwlas LL57) Withdrawn - One old intact window in metal frame 120cm x 70 cm One sheet glass from shower cabinet 113cm x 63 cm Offer: Cat scratching post (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - She prefers the real thing! About 18 ins tall with bobble on top.. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Leather sofa (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Someone wanted a surplus leather belt to use as a sharpener. I've just found one if they still have a need for one. Offer: Work boots size 4 and a half (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Boots to use on the farm or hard garden work. Substantial with reinforced toes. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Climbing harness, krabs etc (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - All used but still useable probably. Also gear bandolier, leg loops, waist belt and other harness bits. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Sash window weights (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Pair removed from old sash window - heavy iron things. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: 2 seater sofa (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Blue. Hardly been used since new.
Photo of free 2 seater sofa (Rhiwlas LL57)
Offer: Snowdonia Map 25,000 (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Outdoor Leisure Map 17 showing part of National Park and Conway Valley. Pub 1992. Waterproof. 2 sided map. Scale 1: 25,000 ie 1 km rep by 4 cm. Offer: Black Diamond Gloves (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Leather faced mountain gloves. Sized medium but are smallish! Black and maroon. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Cameras (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - 2 old cameras. Minolta 150 and Pentax Espio 738S. Both have NEW batteries and films (apart from first 2 shots) so in working order. Offer: Garden gate (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Iron garden gate 4 ft 3 ins high and 3 ft 3 ins wide. Plus hinges if you can get them out. Probably 100 years old so well painted. Offer: USA road map atlas (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Large, spiral bound 1998 edition. Parts of Canada too. Found poor Paradise... Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: 4 person tent (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Robens Double Dreamer. Tunnel tent. Only used 4 times but 2 poles went missing on last packing up. Replacements on internet. We don't camp any more. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Gardening apron (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Tough material, green. Adjustable, but would suit person under 5ft 6in better. Offer: Large suitcase (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Does someone still want one? We've found 2 hiding in the garage which are too big for us. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: White wall tiles (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - 35 white ceramic wall tiles 15 centimetres square Also 6 white bigger oblong tiles Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Several seedlings of sunflowers and nasturiums. (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Have no more space to plant them out. Sunflowers in their personal compostable containers. Grown from my birdseed! Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Camping mats (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Both used. One long and one more substantial but shorter. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Guttering supports (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - 10+ grey plastic supports for guttering Bottom plastic downspout and top joint for downspout for guttering. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: Fermenting bin (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Plastic 25 litre bin with lid. Probably never used. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: garden canes (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - 8 very long garden canes: 9 feet - more than 3 metres. Ruth in Rhiwlas Offer: back pack (Rhiwlas LL57) Gifted - Alpine Lowe large capacity rucksack - been backpacking several times - will take tent, mat, sleep bag, cooking stuff, clothes, rope, harness, shoes etc. Really lightweight for size, all zips OK but not waterproof anymore. Very comfortable fit even for a small person as loads of adjustment. Found its way up Half Dome 2x! Ruth in Rhiwlas