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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Children’s Clothes Hangers (Finchley N3) - Large assortment of children’s clothes hangers in a variety of colours, several with clips for trousers etc. Available to whoever can collect first.
Offer: Ferguson and Goodman TVs (Finchley N3) Gifted - A Ferguson tv/DVD/VHS video player/recorder and a Goodmans tv/VHS video player/recorder Both work but the video player on the Ferguson is temperamental whilst the DVD part works fine. Would prefer to give both away together but prepared to give separately to whoever can collect them first.
Offer: Hotpoint Fridge Freezer (Finchley N3) Gifted - Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge freezer about 20 years old. Still works well and is currently still used but is now surplus to requirements due to a kitchen refit. Will go to the first person who can collect. Please include your mobile phone number. Thanks.
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Offer: Neff Double Oven (Finchley N3) Gifted - Neff Double Built-in Electric Oven, stainless steel (product code U15E52N5GB). Was bought from John Lewis for £1,049 only 17 months ago. Works perfectly but is now surplus following a kitchen re-fit. Has been covered and left outside recently, however.
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Offer: Electric treadmill (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Electric treadmill, hardly ever used, works perfectly fine. Folds away. Handle to release it is damaged but still works.
Offer: Two iron and wicker chairs (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Two vintage style wrought iron and wicker kitchen/dining room chairs. In generally good condition but a few marks as shown in photos. Will take to a local charity shop if not claimed soon.
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Offer: Child Stair Gate (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Child stair gate never actually used and still with the box it came in.
Offer: Brown Habitat Armchair (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Brown Habitat armchair in pretty good condition. A few marks on it but not especially obvious. Looking to offload quickly if possible.
Offer: Sony TV and Stand (Finchley, N3.) - Large black Sony tv on its own stand. Tv still works and remote control provided works too.
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Offer: Pots of Vaseline (Finchley, N3.) - 6 unused 50g pots of Vaseline.
Offer: Kitchen bin (Finchley, N3.) - Grey and black kitchen bin. Lid is slightly crooked but still works.
Offer: Old octagonal mirror (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Old mirror not in very good condition, damaged front, but has chain on the back for hanging.
Offer: Rear mounted cycle carrier (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Black rear mounted cycle carrier. Hardly ever used.
Offer: Two scooters (one a micro) (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Two scooters, one red, one pink (micro). The pink one doesn’t fold down like it used to but both work.
Offer: Flymo RE320 Lawnmower (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Orange Flymo lawnmower, currently not working but probably isn’t beyond repair to the mechanically minded. Could also be useful for parts. Offer: Two large suitcases (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Two large dark blue Equator suitcases. Both have the same broken handle on the top end when vertically upright. All other handles in good working order, including extendable pull along handles.
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Offer: Two single mattresses (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - Two mattresses which came from the same bed/truckle bed. Both in good condition, particularly the under bed mattress which was only used for the occasional sleepover.
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Offer: Assortment of bicycle gear (Finchley) Gifted - Assortment of bicycle gear including children’s and adult helmets, child’s hi-viz jacket and child’s seat cover.
Offer: Four brown dining room chairs (Finchley, N3.) - Four chairs, showing some signs of wear, scratches etc. The bolts on some legs require tightening or replacing.
Offer: Garden tile assortment. (Finchley, N3.) Gifted - 31 terracotta coloured garden tiles and a few other larger tiles (not pictured). Three of the tiles are damaged in the corner. Would prefer all tiles to be taken together.
Offer: Swingball set. (Finchley, N3.) - Reasonable condition with a bonus slightly smaller red bat to go along with the two blue ones. A couple of fasteners on the base are missing but that doesn’t affect its usability.
Offer: 4 x Dining Room Chairs (Finchley, N3.) - Four brown faux-leather Homebase dining room chairs. Varying conditions but each showing signs of wear such as scratch marks and loose legs where the bolts require tightening. All four are functional and not beyond repair.
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Offer: 7 Wool-filled recyclable bags (Finchley, N3.) - These are recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable bags filled with wool with multiple usage e.g. can protect things from damage whilst in transit, keep things cold or warm, bed for a cat or garden compost.
Offer: Three large suitcases. (Finchley, N3.) - 2 x large navy blue Equator suitcases, both in reasonable condition but have a broken handle (at the top when vertically upright) but otherwise all other handles and zips etc. are functional. 1 large black Dunlop suitcase, all handled and zips working but damaged in bottom corner (currently patched up with black tape).