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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Plates and bowls (St Albans AL1) Gifted - 6 dinner plates, 9 small plates and three bowls. Mostly white but a few coloured small plates. Needs collecting today please. Thanks.
Offer: Panasonic DVD player (St Albans AL1) - No remote control but you can still watch DVDs by pressing the play button.
Offer: Balance Bike (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Pretty battered but fully functional. Tyres still in good condition.
Offer: Weber BBQ (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Green Weber BBQ. A little rusty in places and needs a clean but works perfectly well.
Offer: Dyson DC41 - Parts or repair (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Motor broken. For parts or repair
Offer: Baby seat (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Kids seat that attaches to a normal chair. Removable tray for eating.
Offer: Wine and glass stand (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Wooden stand that can hold a bottle of wine and 4 glasses.
Offer: 1kg gluten free bread flour (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Not sure how it ended up in my house. Unopened and expires 23/08/18.
Offer: Garden Tools (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Hoe, take and spade available.
Offer: Thermos Flasks (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Two available. If you only want one please specify which in your request, thanks!
Offer: 4 Shot Glasses (St Albans AL1) - They are shot glasses. 4 of them. Made of glass.
Offer: Yellow Mountain Bike (St Albans AL1) Gifted - The yellow mountain bike has been offered to a lucky recipient. Posting here as I think the entire St Albans community put in a request and I don’t have the patience to respond individually. If it’s not collected promptly I will reoffer to another person. Offer: Mountain Bike (St Albans AL1) Gifted - It’s a mountain bike, men’s downhill style I believe, and it’s yellow. It’s old but in good condition. Can’t tell you much more than that! I’ll be doing Fair Offer Policy on this one with a decision at 6pm tonight. It’s a teenager/adult bike. It was hand built by my step-brother who is about 5’5” tall. Thanks.
Offer: Standing Bicycle Pump (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Double valved so will work with whichever type of valve you have on your tyres.
Offer: Little Kids Slide (St Albans AL1) Gifted - It’s very well used and the colours have faded but it’s perfectly useable!
Offer: Weighted Hula-hoop Ring (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Exercise with a weighted hula-hoop ring! Offer: Spice rack (St Albans AL1) Gifted - 16 jar rotating spice rack Offer: Flexible camera stand (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Three legged flexible camera stand Offer: Paper Shredder (St Albans AL1) Gifted - Paper shredder - Max 5 sheets at a time. Offer: Baby changing bag (St Albans AL1) Gifted - A few years old but in very good condition, a few marks. Comes with side and end pockets for changing mat, milk bottles etc with internal storage pockets too. Request: Speakers - USB or Bluetooth (St Albans AL1) - Any condition or quality as long as they work!