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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Box of electronics stuff (River Oaks) Gifted - Cables, keyboard, mouse pad, router, etc. Offer: Floor mat (River Oaks) Gifted - 4' x 4'
Offer: Terrarium (River Oaks) Gifted
Offer: Tray (River Oaks) Gifted
Offer: Coveralls (River Oaks) Gifted - light industrial XXXL
Offer: Magazine rack (River Oaks) Gifted - vintage wood
Offer: Cutlery box (River Oaks) Gifted
Offer: Life jackets (River Oaks) Gifted - Youth
Offer: Coasters (River Oaks) Gifted - New
Offer: Christmas stuff (River Oaks) Gifted - A few odds and ends including a tablecloth.
Offer: Sanyo TV (River Oaks) Gifted - 20" flat screen (16x12) colour tv model DS20930
Offer: Cutlery case (River Oaks) - Wooden box with lining
Offer: Wine rack (River Oaks) Gifted - metal 21" high
Offer: China Platter (River Oaks) - made in Italy 16" long
Offer: Wooden cutlery case (River Oaks) Gifted
Offer: Garden accent table (River Oaks) Gifted - 25" high wood
Offer: Frame for wall calendar (River Oaks) Gifted - 15" x 30"
Offer: 3 metal storage trays/ baskets (River Oaks) Gifted - 21" x 13"
Offer: Driftwood -- Decorative (River Oaks) Gifted - 'Heron Head'
Offer: Puzzle (River Oaks) - Ontario counties and districts 1958
Offer: Magazine table/rack (River Oaks) - Antique, wood 18" high
Offer: Monopoly (River Oaks) Gifted - Classic edition Used condition
Offer: Walker for toddler (River Oaks) Gifted - Fisher Price
Offer: Puzzles (River Oaks) Gifted - Two puzzles Harvest theme -- 1,000 pieces one piece missing Candy containers theme -- over 500 pieces one piece missing Offer: Monopoly (River Oaks) Gifted - classic edition used condition
Offer: Women's Clothing (River Oaks) Gifted - Approximate sizes listed. shoes 9.5 to 10 belts 38 pants 16, 18 skirts 16, 18 tops XL sweaters clutch purses + misc. scarves, mittens Offer: GAMES - miscellaneous (River Oaks) Gifted - Candyland board, Rummy (2 tiles missing), Password cards, Junior Trivia, poker chip carousel, cribbage board, deck of cards
Offer: puzzle (River Oaks) Gifted - Polynesian Cultural Center 500 pieces - NO missing pieces good condition
Offer: Baby clothing size 2 and up (River Oaks) Gifted - 9 items see my other posts for smaller sizes
Offer: Baby clothing 12 to 24 months (River Oaks) Gifted - 31 items see my other posts for smaller or larger sizes