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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Sofa cover (Leyton) Gifted - Elastic, fits 2-3 seater. May have some traces of cat hairs, but otherwise in perfect condition!
Offer: Big patterned sheets x2 (Leyton) Gifted - Some corners are a little bit torn, and one of them might have some traces of cat hairs, but they are still nice!
Offer: Bins (Leyton) Gifted - Reasonably clean in fully useable condition
Offer: Shelf (Leyton) Gifted - A bit wobbly, but does the job. Pickup from Leyton!
Request: Cardboard boxes (Leyton) - Hello! I am in need of some cardboard boxes for an upcoming house move. Have you got any you would like to get rid of? Thank you! Request: Gift wrapping paper (Leyton) Received - Hello! Does anyone have any spare gift wrapping paper? My boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I wanted to give him a nice-looking gift without making it too wasteful. If anyone has anything suitable please get in touch! Many thanks Offer: Cat circuit toy (Leyton) Gifted - Cat circuit toy. Our cat is not really understanding it, so maybe someone else would like to give it a go? A great toy for indoor cats, if they manage to work out how to use it!
Request: Muffin oven tray (Leyton) Received - Hi all! Does anyone happen to have a muffin tray for the oven lying around? Thank you! Offer: Brown riding half chaps (Leyton) Gifted - Brown riding half chaps in used but good condition!
Request: Broom and dust pan (Leyton) Received - Hello! A broom and dust pan needed please! Any size/colour. Thank you! Request: Cat toys (Leyton) Received - Any cat toys needed! Does anyone have any toys lying around? Thank you! Request: Cat litter (Leyton) Received - Hello! Does anyone happen to have any spare cat litter lying around? Thank you! Sara Request: Cat carry case/cage (Leyton) Received - Hello! Does anyone happen to have a carry case/cage suitable for a normal size adult cat? Thank you! Sara Request: Tension rod/curtain rail (Leyton) Received - Hi all! Looking for some tension rods (the ones that don’t need screws - I am renting...) for hanging stuff in the windows. Does anyone have any to spare? Thank you! Offer: Riding shoes and half chaps (Leyton) Gifted - Brown riding shoes size 7 and brown half chaps. Used, but in fairly good condition.
Request: Plant pots (Leyton) Received - Plant pots of all sizes needed please! Request: LECApebbles/stones/pottingsoil (Leyton) Received - LECA pebbles or small stones that could work in the same way, and some indoor potting soil needed please! Thank you! Request: Glass jars (Leyton) Received - Glas jars of various shapes, sizes and colours needed, with or without lids. Thank you! Request: Cat litter tray (Leyton) Received - Cat litter tray needed please! Request: Sofa cover (Leyton) Received - Sofa covers for two- and three seated sofas needed please! Request: TV (Leyton) Received - Tv of any size in a useable condition needed. Thank you! Request: Coffee table/stool or similar (Leyton) Received - Coffee table or something similar that could work as a coffee table needed! Thank you! Request: Pots and pans (Leyton) Received - Pots and pans needed, preferably pots of the smaller size with lids. Pans any size! Offer: Cardboard boxes (Leyton) Gifted - About 16 cardboard boxes used a few times for moving house. Still in useable condition.