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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Ladies bike (Birkdale) Gifted - 22" Raleigh Zest
Photo of free Ladies bike (Birkdale)
Offer: Carpet underlay (Birkdale) Gifted - About 25 sq metres of 'Cloud 9' 8mm carpet underlay in good condition. Only removed because of new laminate flooring replacing the carpet. Offer: Two seater sofa (Birkdale) Expired - Classic design, has faded a bit in sunlight but otherwise could be of some use to someone for a while. No room for it in our new house, unfortunately.
Photo of free Two seater sofa (Birkdale)
Offer: Dressing table (Birkdale) Expired - Antique white with mosaic insets. Probably could benefit from re-painting
Photo of free Dressing table (Birkdale)
Offer: HP Photosmart 8250 printer (Birkdale) Expired - Not used much, now no room for it, needs inks.
Photo of free HP Photosmart 8250 printer (Birkdale)
Offer: Office or study suite (Birkdale) Expired - Comprises corner desk, set of drawers and a book case. Comes apart in the three sections. Fits in small bedroom/box room.
Photo of free Office or study suite (Birkdale)
Offer: Double divan (Birkdale) Expired - Good, serviceable divan, not enough room for it in new house. Folds in half for easier transportation.
Photo of free Double divan (Birkdale)
Offer: IKEA wall lights (Birkdale) Expired - Pair, surplus to requirements in new house
Photo of free IKEA wall lights (Birkdale)
Photo of free IKEA wall lights (Birkdale)
Offer: Chest of drawers (Birkdale) Expired - Some marks on the top but re-varnishing will easily cure this, no room in our new house for this lovely piece of furniture, sadly.
Photo of free Chest of drawers (Birkdale)
Offer: Hi Fi speakers (Birkdale) Expired - Marantz 4G/3 model; width 28.5cm; Height, 48cm; depth 21.5cm. 45W, full working order, plus stands. Offer: Chest of drawers and wardrobe (Birkdale) Expired - Could be brought back to life with re-varnishing or painting
Photo of free Chest of drawers and wardrobe (Birkdale)
Photo of free Chest of drawers and wardrobe (Birkdale)
Offer: Pedestal sink and bath (Birkdale) Expired - Ideal Standard, good condition, toilet and cistern to match, if also required.
Photo of free Pedestal sink and bath (Birkdale)
Photo of free Pedestal sink and bath (Birkdale)
Offer: Rattan corner unit (Birkdale) Gifted - - 6 feet tall
Photo of free Rattan corner unit (Birkdale)
Offer: Girls/Ladies bike (Birkdale) Gifted - 18", it's been in the back of our garage for a while but could easily be brought back to life.
Photo of free Girls/Ladies bike (Birkdale)
Offer: Lever Arch files (Birkdale) Gifted - Hardly used, very good condition. Couple of smaller ring-binder folders available too.
Photo of free Lever Arch files (Birkdale)
Offer: Nest of tables (Birkdale) Gifted - Dark oak, but a couple of them need some re-varnishing.
Photo of free Nest of tables (Birkdale)
Offer: Bathroom mirrors (Birkdale) Gifted - Two unframed bathroom mirrors, good condition, being replaced with cabinet-style ones.
Photo of free Bathroom mirrors (Birkdale)
Offer: Pair of wall lights (Birkdale) Gifted - Brushed chrome candle-style wall lights, full working order when removed from the wall. Unwanted in new home.
Photo of free Pair of wall lights (Birkdale)
Offer: Large desk (Birkdale) Gifted - Old desk, solid wood, 4'6" wide, 2'6" deep, 2'6" height. Lockable drawers, some marks on surface but could be easily re-sanded and re-varnished.
Photo of free Large desk (Birkdale)
Offer: Kitchen cupboard door knobs (Birkdale) Gifted - About 19 available, wooden, plus screws
Photo of free Kitchen cupboard door knobs (Birkdale)
Offer: Brass door knobs (Birkdale) Gifted - Surplus to requirements, solid brass, only one used from the packet.
Photo of free Brass door knobs (Birkdale)
Offer: Bamboo blinds (Birkdale) Gifted - Assorted sizes: 6ft, 4ft and 3ft wide, one of each available. Offer: Duet piano stool (Birkdale) Gifted - 1 metre in length, 50cm in height, probably 1930s, needs re-upholstering.
Photo of free Duet piano stool (Birkdale)
Offer: Assorted dining chairs (Birkdale) Expired - Odd chairs (three of some, two of another....), three varieties, would suit someone setting up a home and doesn't mind non-matching chairs for a while.
Photo of free Assorted dining chairs (Birkdale)
Photo of free Assorted dining chairs (Birkdale)
Photo of free Assorted dining chairs (Birkdale)
Offer: Pendant kitchen lampshade (Birkdale) Gifted - IKEA Vate pendant shade, 50cm diameter, 46cm in height, nearly new, in situ for about a month and then our daughter changed her mind!
Photo of free Pendant kitchen lampshade (Birkdale)
Offer: Pine chest of drawers (Birkdale) Gifted - Pine chest of drawers needs reassembling, one drawer needs new runners, so it would suit a person with DIY skills keen to mend this piece of furniture. Alternatively, the wood could be useful. When assembled, it measures 4' tall, 2'8'' wide and 1'6'' deep. Offer: Large desk (Birkdale) Expired - A solid wooden desk but needs a bit of sanding to the surface to remove some marks and scratches. Dimensions are 4'6'' wide by 2'6'' deep. Has lockable drawers and keys.
Photo of free Large desk (Birkdale)