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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Old your home magazines (Winlaton NE21) - Your home magazines, great for crafts
Photo of free Old your home magazines (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Wheelchair (Winlaton NE21) Received - Folding basic wheel hair, only needed for a few weeks and will be offered back to the group. Thank you Offer: Curtains (Winlaton NE21) Promised - Three pairs of curtains, various sizes and colours, great for starting out.
Photo of free Curtains (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Ikea single mattress (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Ikea single mattress good used condition, foam mattress with washable cover.
Photo of free Ikea single mattress (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Old prima magazines (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Several old prima magazines and patterns. Great if you have just started sewing and crafting.
Photo of free Old prima magazines (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Greenhouse glass (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Several large tempered glass peices from a greenhouse Offer: Glass jars (Winlaton NE21) Withdrawn - Glass jars for jam crafts etc assorted sizes
Photo of free Glass jars (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Pallets (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Hi, we have a new allotment in need of tlc. Any free pallets, woodchips or wood will help emensly. Can collect. Thank you 😊 Offer: Gas cooker (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Brown gas cooker, single oven, grill and four rings, good used condition. Needs disconnecting and taken ASAP 😊 Offer: Sofa cushion (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Great condition sofa cushion.
Photo of free Sofa cushion (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Free food (Winlaton NE21) Expired - We collect food at the end of the day from pret a manger and offer it free via the olio app. Please help share and stop food waste.
Photo of free Free food (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Paper shredder (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Electronic paper shreeder. We can collect at your convenience 😊 Offer: Bedding (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Single pink sheet and pillow cases
Photo of free Bedding (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Slippers size 4-6 (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Girls slip on slippers
Photo of free Slippers size 4-6 (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Cardboard Boxes (Winlaton NE21) Withdrawn - Cardboard needed for allotment, amazon, delivery or moving boxes. We can recycle and help to grow food, win win. Collection at your convenience. Thank you. 😊
Photo of Cardboard Boxes (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Double bedding (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Three quilt covers sets, yellow one needs two mins of sewing on one pillow case.
Photo of free Double bedding (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Sofa cushions (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Two sofa cushion backs, great if yours is a bit soft or for restuffing your existing sofa cushions Offer: Office swivel chair (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Well loved office chair, still comfy, just needs some tlc, still got loads of life left in her.
Photo of free Office swivel chair (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Bark, gravel for around raised beds (Winlaton NE21) Expired - We have put raised beds to replace our front lawn, planted a bee friendly hedge and started growing veg! We would like any bark, gravel etc to make a small pathway to tend the beds. We can collect at your convenience. Kind regards Diane Request: Double kitchen cupboard (Winlaton NE21) Expired - We would like a double kitchen wall cupboard, not bothered about the colour as I am painting them all white. We can collect at your convenience most days. Kind regards Diane.
Photo of Double kitchen cupboard (Winlaton NE21)
Request: English ivy or spider plants (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Indoor house plants, easy to care for, for the grandchildren to look after. We can collect at your convenience. Thank you Offer: Good man's freeview remote (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Not used in a while but seams OK.
Photo of free Good man's freeview remote (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Corkscrew (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Good condition
Photo of free Corkscrew (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Cooking utensils (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Ice cream soup, apple corer, potatoes peeler, icing cones, multi peeler, children chopsticks and silicone jar opener.
Photo of free Cooking utensils (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: digital thermometer (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Digital thermometer for cooking, never used.
Photo of free digital thermometer (Winlaton NE21)
Request: Dehumidifier (Winlaton NE21) Expired - We are desperate for a dehumidifier if anyone has a one going spare, we can collect Request: Old tyres for planting (Winlaton NE21) Expired - We would like to make plant pots for peas from old tyres. We can collect at your convenience. Thank you Request: Spider plant (Winlaton NE21) Expired - Hi, we would really like some easy to care for houseplants for our grandson. Can collect at your convenience. Thank you.
Photo of Spider plant (Winlaton NE21)
Offer: Ikea pax mirror wardrobe door (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - Taken off a double pax wardrobe, replace or possibly upscale into a mirror. Offer: Sofa Bed (Winlaton NE21) Gifted - We have a sofa bed taken from our corner sofa, the mattress and bed mechanism is fine. Hopefully someone can reuse it.