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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Freeze packs (Ithaca, South Hill, North East) - Rectangular, 6"x10"x 0.5" freeze packs, about 15. Ithaca, South Hill or North East. Offer: Kombucha glass bottles (Ithaca, South Hill) - Empty kombucha bottles; perhaps someone can re-use them before recycling. About 10 or more. Offer: Egg cartons, about 15 (Ithaca, South Hill) - Mostly paper, but also a couple of foam egg cartons. Offer: Squash or pumpkin seedlings (Ithaca, South Hill) Expired - Many volunteer, healthy seedlings came up in my compost pile, more than I can use. It is either pumpkin or squash (Delicata, Acorn, I assume would be). I can pull them out and place in water, by my mailbox, for contact-less pick up, if you tell me how many you want. Happy hardening! Offer: Daisy plants (roots) (Ithaca, South Hill) Gifted - Daisy plants I dug out of the garden, because it spread more than I needed. Not a fussy plant to grow and dear does not seem to like it. It will slowly spread, but can be controlled by cutting out portions (not an uncontrolable spreader). In a box, by my mailbox. Come and help yourself. Should be planted immediately. Offer: Garlic seedlings (Ithaca, South Hill) Expired - Lots of garlic seedlings I dug out from my garden; ready to plant; I do not know the variety, but it is garlic I grew in the past. In a bucket, but the mailbox. No need tomake arrangements, just come and help yourself. 106 Pine View Terrace, South Hill. Happy Spring! Offer: Gas grill to fix or scrap metal (Ithaca, South Hill) Expired - A black gas grill to fix or for scrap metal; ideally it will go to someone who is interested in fixing. Offer: Two (2) box springs, single (Ithaca, South Hill) Expired - Two box springs, single size. Good condition, structurally sound, but fabric doe snot look like new any longer. We used these for a king sixe matress, downsized to queen, hence not needed. Take one or both. Offer: Drywall pieces (Ithaca, South Hill) Expired - Multiple pieces of drywal left over from renovation project; about 1 to 2 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet long. No need to take everything, take what you need, just tyring to keep stuff out of the dump.Thank you.