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Request: Curtain pole (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - wanted curtain poles, please for 2 windows. windows approx 3 and a half foot wide Request: Laptop (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Hi looking for an old unwanted laptop plesse that would be good for course work, step daughter is at uni and hers is no longer working . Thanks Request: carpet (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Looking for carpet to fit a stair , large landing and a bedroom please. Request: Internal doors (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - Requested : Doors please Wanted internal white doors, due to daughters boyfriend punching holes in all of hers. He has wrecked her flat and we are trying to repair it as best we can please. I have added a picture of the ones she needs. She needs 5 doors if anyone can help please. Need to be 1981 x 838 mm 6ft 6" x 2ft 9" 78" x 33 inch
Request: Mens bike (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - Does anyone have a mountain bike they no longer need or dont use, my son has just started a new job which will be difficult to get to and with it being near Christmas cant afford to buy one. Would be grateful if someone can help, thanks Request: Wallpaper (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - Looking for wallpaper for my daughters walls , her entire flat needs redecorated. It's full of holes from the abuse of her ex boyfriend. All her carpets are ruined , covered in previous plaster and paint from when hes tried covering it up before. The pictures are just some of the damage and unfortunately hes gotten away with it. She cant afford to buy all new doors, plaster for walls , paint ect. Please if anyone can help. Would be extremely grateful. Thanks
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Request: Door (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - Wanted internal white doors, due to daughters boyfriend punching holes in all of hers. He has wrecked her flat and we are trying to repair it as best we can please. I have added a picture of the ones she needs. She needs 5 doors if anyone can help please. Need to be 1981 x 838 6ft 6" x 2ft 9" 78" x 33"
Request: Laptop (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - I hope this dont sound cheeky, my step daughter is at university and her laptop has just broke and we cant afford to buy her a new one. Has anyone got an old one they would be prepared to let her have please. Shes going to really struggle without one doing her course work. Would be extremely grateful. Thanks Request: Halloween (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Withdrawn - Wanted halloween decorations please if anyone has any unwanted . Thanks in advance Request: Carpet (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Looking for a carpet for large landing and stairs, daughters ex boyfriend has destroyed hers by spilling paint and cement all over it. She was in domestic relationship and has now wrecked her entire flat. He pulled up her bedroom carpet too and left her with none. Any help would be grateful thanks Request: Baby Monitor (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Looking for baby monitor's for grandkids please Request: Garden furniture (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Looking for garden table and chairs and bench, no glass please due to small kids Request: Garden tools (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - Looking for washing line and garden tools please as my step son has just got keys to first house and needs a few things to help him out in the garden. Please Request: Puppy pen (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - Does anyone have a puppy pen or play pen they no longer need. Please Request: Carpet Cleaner (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - looking for carpet cleaner/Vax to clean carpets please Request: Washing machine (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - my son's washing machine is broken, is anyone gifting one please Request: baby girls clothing 12-18 months (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - wanted some warm clothing for my granddaughter please. such as tights/socks , jumpers, leggings , pjs etc. thanks in advance Request: boys clothes (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - wanted boys 4-5 and 5-6 clothes please Request: household (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - hi my son is moving into an unfinished flat soon and we are looking for all small items please, such as kitchen accessories, e.g toaster, kettle, dishes, pots and pans, microwave, iron. towels, curtains, lamps. unwanted candles, hoover etc. if your having a clear out and getting rid of anything you no longer want and think it may be of use to my son please message me. we would be very grateful. Request: Mobile Phone (Hinchingbrooke PE29) - wanted an old working android phone please, my daughter has broken hers and can't afford one at the moment . she needs to be able to contact doctors, work etc. If it can be unlocked or on 02 would be appreciated. thanks Request: Mobile Phone (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - looking for an old android mobile phone for my daughter please, she has no phone and would need to be on 02 or unlocked. she needs a phone to call emergencies as suffers alot from abuse, threats of violence and domestics. Request: Christmas decorations (Hinchingbrooke PE29) Received - has anyone got any old Christmas tree decorations please. my daughter wants to make her home look nice for her kids visiting over Christmas Request: halloween props (Huntingdon PE29) Received - looking for Halloween props , I woukd like to do something special for my grandkids, decorate our home. my grandkids have been through a lot past 2 years being in foster care and I've never done anything for Halloween before. be nice to do something for them. Request: Baby girl clothes (Huntingdon PE29) Received - looking for baby girls clothes 9-12 months please , she recently came to stay with me from foster care and didn't have much with her Request: Camping Equipment (Huntingdon PE29) Received - looking for gas stove, whistling kettle, heater, anything to cook on and keep warm. thank you Request: fabrics/upholstery (Huntingdon PE29) Received - looking for fabrics or upholstery, woukd like to try a new project of covering the cushions in my motorhome and making curtains, never done it before. Request: Electric cooker (Huntingdon PE29) Received - looking for electric cooker for my daughter please ,her oven is not working . Offer: Rubble (Huntingdon PE29) Gifted - I have broken slabs, hard-core and rocks if anyone wants for a project .
Request: Garden furniture (Huntingdon PE29) - wanted-garden table and chairs (not glass), wooden planters for fruit bushes please Request: ladies clothes (Huntingdon PE29) - wanted ladies clothes size 10 please