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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 6ft artificial Christmas tree (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Treated ourselves to a new Christmas tree - would anyone like this one?Individual branches, berries and pine cones. Still works a treat!
Offer: Christmas decorations (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Assorted Christmas decorations. We’ve just treated ourselves to a new set, and really hope someone would like to give these a new home!
Offer: Pair of speaker stands (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Pair of black adjustable Amazon basics speaker stands
Offer: Box of assorted network cables (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Just redone our server, andhave a box of assorted network cables. You’re welcome to them if you can use them!
Offer: Electric clothes horse (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Electrical heated clothes horse - free to a good home!
Offer: Variety of small pots (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - A variety of small pots for plants.
Offer: Small fan (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Small fan - perfect for summer! It’s a bit dusty, but perfectly serviceable!
Offer: Clothes Horse (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Metal clothes horse - bright pink. Works great!
Offer: Two single duvets (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Two single duvets - 13.5 tog. Barely used.
Offer: Single electric blanket (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Single electric blanket - used but in great condition.
Offer: Electric Blanket (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Queen sized dual control electric blanket. Used, but in very good condition.
Offer: Assorted puzzles (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Assorted puzzles to give away - 7 in total. Some are unopened!
Offer: Display shelves (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - Light wood veneer display shelves. (Not with the ornaments included in the picture). Can be flatpacked for transport.
Offer: Variety of Pots (TA21 Wellington) Gifted - A variety of pots for garden plants, ceramic and plastic. Free to anyone who can use them.
Offer: Cupcake stand (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Never used cupcake stand. Hope you can use it! Holds 23 cupcakes, and needs some assembly.
Offer: Bronze satin material (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Approx 50cm of bronze satin material. Remnant left over from sewing.
Offer: Purple satin material (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Approx 1m purple satin. Started to cut out a shirt - didn’t finish. Yours if you can use it!
Offer: Offcut material (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Winter owls material. Not enough for making a garment, but could be used for crafts. I originally bought 3m, and used it to make a pair of trousers - this is the leftover - there’s a lot but it’s a weird shape. Yours if you want it!
Offer: Can olouring book (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Never used, so basically brand new, apart from the cover having a little damage from being stored. Some truly ridiculous scenes for your colouring pleasure!
Offer: Scratch off cities book. (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - I tried this and I was terrible at it. Scratching off the black overlayer reveals a yellow and orange background. Stunning if done properly - you’ll need a toothpick, as I’ve lost the original tool, but all but one are completely fresh and not attempted.
Offer: Doll in pink dress (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Bought for me as a joke... but it’s a bit of a stale joke now! I’m sure a little girl out there would be very happy to take care of Josephina.
Offer: Beauty Hacks book (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Beauty hacks book. Full of recipes for facemasks, and tips and trips for looking your best
Offer: Creative Ribbonwork book (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Creative Ribbonwork book in excellent condition. Loads of projects! Offer: Small wooden box (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Small wooden box for decoupage - approx 6 inches across, and 4 inches wide.
Offer: Craft Items (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - A bag of various card making craft items: White and cream cards and envelopes, ink pads, Christmas card stock,glitter, embossing powder, rubber stamps, punches. I’ve just run out of enthusiasm - so looking for a new home for someone keen!
Offer: Number cookie cutters (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Plastic cookie cutters - numbers 1-9 (6 can be used as 9). Each number is approximately 2 inches high.
Offer: Alphabet Cookie cutters (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Pink plastic cookie cutters - all letters of the alphabet. Approx 2 inches high each letter
Offer: Mad libs book (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Unused mad libs book - for a bit of time wasting
Offer: Sandstone Candleholders (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - 2 sandstone candleholders - needs a little bit of a sand to make them good as new! Large one is 12cm diameter, smaller is 9cm diameter. Takes a tealight
Offer: Wooden cutting board/coaster (GU1 Guildford) Gifted - Cute little wooden chopping/cheese board in the shape of a badly drawn man. 23cm in length