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Offer: old carpet 11x15 (NE 61/Halsey) - Dark blue carpet, about 11'11 x 15'5. Was on basement cement floor; I discovered and cut away one corner with bad water damage. The rest looks and smells okay, though I'd suggest using it semi-outdoors or where there's good ventilation, since most basement carpets have some mildew. Offer: old fiberboard wall panels (NE 61/Halsey) - Old 4x8 wall panels, of a material like heavy cardboard (1/8 to 3/16" thick, solid, no corrugations). Painted on one side. Nail holes and some damaged corners/edges. But if you have a use for very thick solid cardboard in big pieces, here they are! About 8 panels Offer: wood table 3x4' plus 1' leaf (Anacortes) Gifted - Wood table, disassembled; this is an estate, but all the parts appear to be there (with markings for what goes where). Needs to go soon.
Offer: gas drier (Anacortes) Gifted - Kenmore series-80 gas drier, in good working order; has minor marks on lid and side. Almond.
Offer: gravel 30# (Anacortes) Gifted - Gravel: 30 pounds, varying sizes, rounded. This was ballast/weight in the base of a tall propane heater. in Anacortes, near St Mary's. Offer: 8' lumber salvage (Anacortes) Gifted - About 5 2x4, 10 1x4, many strips of lath/flat molding, all 8' or more.
Offer: Ikea cabinet door ,big-side, kickboard (Anacortes) Gifted - * 88 x 25" flat panel to cover the side of a large cabinet. Perfekt Nexus, black. * Kickboard/baseboard 88x4" for under Ikea cabinets (clips to their legs, I have hardware). Perfekt Nexus black. * Kitchen cabinet door Applåd white 21x30 * Two wheeled wire baskets 20x20x4, but lack the tracks they hang from All are unused, in damaged boxes, seem in excellent condition. Offer: chest freezer in good shape (Anacortes) Gifted - Frigidaire/Electrolux FFC09C3AW1 chest freezer, 23x34x41" Has run flawlessly for me. This model can handle unheated garages (not all can). My landlord suddenly demanded this freezer be removed immediately. So it's now free, if you pick it up asap; in the garage, so easily accessible. Comes with drain fitting for defrosting. As you can see, the exterior could use some cleaning, and has minor rust at the base. I'm on 39th, downhill from Grandview ant St Mary's. * In your reply, please let me know when you can pick it up. *
Offer: 1gal glass jars (Anacortes) Gifted - About two dozen gallon jars; originally held four-bean salad. Also sets of smaller matching glass jars. Offer: Foam insulation boards (R5 to R7.5) (Anacortes) Gifted - All are 2x4' (cleanly cut from 4x8'). Insulfoam R-Tech 2"', R7.5, 4 panels Owens-Corning FoamulaR 1", R5, 2 panels In good condition, have been stacked on plastic sheet in crawl space. (Not mint condition; as photos show, minor edge/corner damage.) Pics also show some 2" pink Owens, which are gone.
Offer: Truck-bed bin (Anacortes) Gifted - Plastic bin for pickup truck; 19h 22d 36w. No key, but there's a lock on one latch showing it can be secured that way. It's been in my yard, storing things out of the sun and most weather.
Offer: earthquake braces (Anacortes) Gifted - Ikea earthquake-brace brackets, for bookshelves, upright furniture. dressers. (Little kit with 1x3" angle bracket, screws, washers.) I've got 10. Offer: Simpson Strong-tie insulation support (Anacortes) - About 750 insulation support wires (to hold up subfloor insulation). Some clean, some dirty or rusty, but all are in usable condition. Offer: turntable Kenwood (Anacortes) Gifted - Kenwood KD-291R semi-automatic turntable. 33/45, with cartridge and 45 adapter. In good working order, but the clear cover has broken at the hinges. (It lifts right off.) Offer: camcorder VHS-C Panasonic (Anacortes) Gifted - Panasonic Palmcorder PV-L650D camcorder VHS-C (8mm) with power adapters, tapes. Offer: bricks (red & white) (Anacortes) - Assorted bricks in varying condition.
Offer: 3-ring binders (Anacortes) Gifted - 8.5x11", thick/medium/thin, I've got a couple dozen 3-ring binders, free for the taking. I drive to Bellingham every couple of weeks, so we could meet there. Offer: electric HW 20gal (Anacortes) Gifted - Sears electric hot-water heater, 20 gallon. Taken out of service 10 years ago. At the time, it didn't leak; a terminal on the heating element was loose, so the supply wire was overheated (easily repairable). Since then it's been under the eaves...
Offer: lumber 4x4 8', 2x4 9' (Anacortes) Gifted - Lumber: 4x4 8', three 2x4 9'. Have been stored outside, out of the rain. One 9' has trim nailed to it. Some paint and discoloration.
Offer: portable sewing mach Kenmore (Anacortes) Gifted - Kenmore portable sewing machine in carrying case. Belt is missing; I suspect the motor may need work.
Offer: groundcover bark (Anacortes) Gifted - About one cubic foot of bark for ground cover (originally bagged)
Offer: 2 plastic drawer units 42"high (Anacortes) Gifted - Two plastic drawer modules, 7 drawers each. 12w 16d 42h. If you want one, tell me which (white or blue top). The blue top panel is cracked.
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Offer: lumber 2x4 8', 1x4 9' (Anacortes) Gifted - Lumber, some in rough shape at one end. 3: 2x4 8'; 4: 1x4 9'
Offer: bag of mortar mix (Anacortes) - Sakrete Mortar Mix, 80# bag. I thought this had gotten wet, but upon tearing open the bag I see it's still powder. The bag is still mostly intact. Offer: mortar mix (Anacortes) Gifted - Sakrete Mortar Mix, 80# bag. I thought this had gotten wet, but upon tearing open the bag I see it's still powder. Most of the bag is still intact. Offer: foam yard sculpture (Anacortes) Gifted - Styrofoam, sculpted with hot wire and painted; where the surface is intact, it looks like stone! It's been in the back yard for 12 years, so it's suffered from sunlight. Roughly 4' long; see photo for scale. This was crafted by Mansell Rivers-Bland, who made foam sets for the Dr Who series and the first two Indiana Jones movies.
Offer: homemade small shelf unit (Anacortes) Gifted - 13 x 16 x 16h, sturdy particleboard shelf module. (Back is incomplete.)
Offer: magazine file / paper sorter (Anacortes) Gifted - 27 compartments, each 9 x 11.5", in a wooden frame 12d 29w 27h. Homemade.
Offer: 4 folding sawhorses (Anacortes) Gifted - 4 plastic sawhorses (2 sizes); lots of paint on them, could use cleaning, but in working condition.