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Request: Pressure Cooker (Letham PH1) - I've never had one but I'm told that it wwould cook the veg peelings for my hens really quickly. Might stop me burning everything in the other pots. If anyone has one that they no longer use I can collect from anywhere reasonably close to a bus stop. Thanke Jill Request: Plastic sheeting, heavy duty (Letham PH1) - I have 3 hens and I want to give them some protection when it rains. They have a covered run but the rain blows in the sides. I think I would need approx 80cm by 150cm heavy duty sheeting. Request: Cassette player (Letham PH1) Withdrawn - I am elderly and readiñg is getting difficult. Recently I have been given a number of audio books, it would be wonderful to listen to them but I no don't have a cassette player. I wondered if anyone had an old one that they no longer use. Thank you Request: Backpack (Letham PH1) - I've been using mine for 18 years ,my friends say i.should replace it Request: Rhubarb (Letham PH1) - Its one of my favourite fruits but there was none in the garden. I planted some in the Autumn but now advised that I shouldn't pull a y in the first year so if anyone has too much I would be extremely grateful. Request: Button hook (Letham PH1) - I'm in my late eighties and finding it more and more difficult to do up buttons Request: Football socks men's (Letham PH1) - Men's size 8 or larger any conditionl,I just want ot use the legs to use as protection Request: Shed Roofing Felt (Letham PH1) Received - The wind took the roofing felt of one side of the roof of my old shed. I'm hoping to keep hens in it but it will need to be weather proof. If anyone has a surplus piece that I could have it would help, doesn't have to be new. Request: Crate (Letham PH1) - Somethìng that I could, ùse tò carry 3 hens Offer: Wood (Letham PH1) - Tree trunks & branchs logs,posts that would do for wood burning stove Offer: fridge (Letham PH1) - It's old but works ok