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Offer: Muscovys (Porthcurno TR19) - I have some young Muscovy boys looking for new homes, they can go together or apart as long as they have some company. These are all this years babies so still lots of growing to do. Offer: Roosters (Porthcurno TR19) - Hi I have a few roosters available to new homes, most are this years hatch but a couple are a year old, can go together or will split if required Offer: Bunny (Porthcurno TR19) Expired - I have a 9 month old boy looking for his five star home, I will be very fussy where he goes and it will be on the understanding of you are unable to keep him any longer he is returned to me as I like to know where any bunny’s end up. So if you are interested please message me with a little info about where he would be kept etc please Thank you Offer: Rabbit (Porthcurno TR19) Gifted - I have had a gorgeous female rabbit returned to me due to change of circumstances and I would really like her to find her forever loving home before Christmas if possible. This lovely girl will leave with changeover food and will only go on the understanding should you be unable to kee her anymore she is returned to me as I love to know where all my babies end up. I will take my time to decide where she goes as it has to be a five star home. Offer: Muscovys (Porthcurno TR19) Gifted - I have two young boys looking for new homes, can go together or will split as long as they will have company. Sadly all my babies ended up being boys and we can’t keep all of them so hoping someone might fancy a boy or two. Collection from Porthcurno area
Photo of free Muscovys (Porthcurno TR19)
Offer: Muscovy Drakes (Porthcurno TR19) Expired - I have four young boys in need of new homes ASAP as the family are outgrowing their night accommodation, these are going to be beautiful boys and could happily live together if you have the room Offer: Roosters (Treen TR19) Gifted - I have some young Araucana boys and an older Brahma cross boy in need of new homes as can’t keep them all sadly, I will keep as many as I can but the rest must find new homes. Located near Porthcurno but meeting locally is possible
Photo of free Roosters (Treen TR19)
Offer: Bunny (Treen TR19) Gifted - I have a young bunny looking for a new home but I will be very careful about where she ends up and if circumstances change then she will be returned to me so she doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. I will take time to pick the right home for her Offer: Call Drakes (Treen TR19) Expired - We have two gorgeous young boys in need of a new home ideally together as they still have some growing to do but both are looking nice, fully feathered and out during the day Offer: shower tray (Treen TR19) Gifted - Been sat in our garden so if any one can make use of it please come and get it, will need a clean Offer: Chain link fencing (Treen TR19) Gifted - Used various rolls but no longer needed so welcome to come take it all away if you can make use of it **Mod Note. Please never pay courier fees for stuff from Freegle - it will be a scam and you will lose your money!
Photo of free Chain link fencing (Treen TR19)