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Offer: Child's plastic trolley (Town Parks BT15) - CD for scale North Belfast
Offer: Well-used metal stair-gate (Town Parks BT15) Gifted - We were given this by family some years ago, although we never used it due to missing parts. The wonders of eBay mean that the missing bits are (now) easily replaced (up to another Freegler, I’m afraid) North Belfast
Offer: Purple gym ball with pump (Town Parks BT15) Gifted - Opti purple gym ball 65cm in box with pump, in box From Argos;
Offer: Silvercross-style pram (Town Parks BT15) Gifted - 4 straight non-articulating (non-swivelling) wheels (so will manoeuvre like a silvercross-type pram) with inflatable pneumatic tyres for comfier ride. Basket/tray underneath. Fully-reclines and also converts into sitting-up stroller. Complete with hood & foot-cover. Bought some years ago for grandparents when looking after kids. Very light use, very good condition. Smoke-free & pet-free home.
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Offer: Mahogany? corner table (Town Parks BT15) Gifted - Came with the house *ages* ago. CD for scale only. Dark brown wood, possibly mahogany. Stamped underneath with JYW “made in Malaysia”. North Belfast
Offer: TV unit - Malone Road (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - Beech-effect TV stand TV unit with drawer. It's about 90cm wide, 50cm deep & 45cm tall & lighter than it looks. A neighbour asked me to get rid of this for them. It's in the back of the car at the moment, so if you're in S Belfast & can take this today or this afternoon, I could probably deliver. Elsewhere, or later, you'll probably need to pick it up - from Malone Road. I think it could be disassembled fairly quickly, if needed.
Offer: A4 document / magazine holders (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - I've 7 of these plastic magazine holders (for A4 documents). Available from N Belfast.
Offer: Door handle (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - “Round rose handle, satin nickel effect. Pack includes: 1 pair of handles 1 spindle bar 8 wood screws 2 bolt through fixings for hollow doors 1 Allen key” BNIB, although perhaps 20yrs old. Small; happy to drop to Antrim Rd, city centre, Malone Rd or Lisburn Rd, Or you can pick up from N Belfast :)
Offer: Tired garden bench (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - Made of cast-iron & wood. About 12yrs sitting outside. The wood’s not been treated properly & will need replaced. Will try to disassemble.
Request: Satellite-dish LNB (Malone Lower BT7) Received - The wee LNB gubbins that sits on the arm of a satellite-dish that receives the signal. Mine’s given up the ghost after all these years. If you’re replacing yours (or have spotted on in a skip - I can ask), please let me know.
Offer: Travel hair straighteners (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - Pink Babyliss travel hair straighteners Type: C95a REF: 2856NAU 20W
Offer: Hair straighteners (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - Babyliss hair straighteners Type: C31b REF: 2025TU 25W
Request: Solar bits & pieces (Malone Lower BT7) Received - I’m looking for some solar bits & pieces for a project - perhaps from old / weathered / broken garden lights as in photo. Happy to collect anywhere in Belfast. Thanks.
Offer: Little Tikes picnic table (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - Durable hard plastic, child’s picnic table as per photos. It’s a little faded, but otherwise all good. Details as per amazon listing. Also available: Little Tikes bright yellow hard plastic 4-legged chair with back. No special hurry, but the sooner the better would suit me :)
Request: Heavy-duty PVC sheeting (Malone Lower BT7) Received - Hi, I'm looking for some heavy-duty PVC for a project. I'm not worried about how it looks & can repair tears. It could be an old advertising banner (or several) or flexible curtain from the side of a HGV. Happy to receive advice where I might find stuff too :) Can pick up anywhere in Greater Belfast: Lisburn-Bangor. Request: Child’s plastic urinal (Malone Lower BT7) Received - Although available cheaply online, I’m hoping the Freegle route would be more sustainable. Happy to collect anywhere in Belfast.
Offer: 3-seater reclining sofa (Malone Lower BT7) Gifted - 3-seater reclining sofa (1.9m long) covered in brown faux-leather. The two outer seats recline Bought 4 years ago for £600. It's not been abused, yet the finish/surface is peeling away (see pics) We've attempted repairs by glueing more faux-leather on top, but we now just keep a special sofa-cover on it. The cover was £15-20 online (we're hanging onto that) Pet-free & smoke-free home Would like it picked between now & about 10-days. We'll likely be using it up to it being collected, so I'll need a little warning to disassemble* *It'll not get out the door without at least being partially dismantled. It came in at least 6 pieces, but expect each of the 3 sections can be taken apart.
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Request: Car jack (Malone Lower BT7) Received - Our jack’s all rusted & seized. I’m wondering if anyone would have one left over from an old scrap car. Happy to collect from anywhere in Belfast.
Request: Shop display "slatwall" board (Skegoneill BT15) Received - I'm looking for a sample of slatwall; 1x1.5m or thereabouts. Saw some a while back in a skip while travelling, but didn't have the wherewithal to bring it home at the time. So if your shop's getting a refit, or you know of a place (or see a skip), I'd be grateful for the tip, so I can ask. Chris
Offer: Blue inflatable sofa - v grubby (Skegoneill BT15) - I'm having a clear-out. I've a grubby inflatable sofa that's been in storage for *ages*. It should clean-up perfectly, with effort. Still have the spare puncture-patch that came with it. It resembles the one in the picture, tho' I don't think it has the "head-rest" bits. Antrim Road, Belfast
Offer: Bikes & bits (Malone Lower BT7) - Meant to fix these up before passing them on, but I've not got round to it & I need to face up to that :/ Bikes: Red adult mountain bike: (21" I think) needs some tweaks, should be grand. May have a puncture. Dark green mountain bike: (18" I think) needs some tweaks. May have a puncture. Blue Diamond-Back hybrid: (21" or 23" I think) needs some tweaks. Despite photo, there's no saddle! Has a puncture. Child's pink bike - got this from a neighbour & my daughter'd been riding it to school for years (P1-P3). Brakes are a little stiff, but otherwise grand Child's blue bike: brakes a bit stiff & I think has a rear puncture, but otherwise grand. Comes with stabilisers (we never found them very useful, but they came with the bike. Google for "Teach your child to ride a bike without stabilisers in nine steps" for Sustrans' brilliant guide) Bits: Trailgator - main tow-bar + fixings for child's bike. Fixings for adult bike unfortunately stolen with adult bike :( Child-seats: two seats + one bracket. Not sure if this bracket suits ensemble. Proven-working unfortunately stolen with adult bike (as above) :( A couple of repaired 26" inner-tubes (not pictured) available (will suit mountain bikes). Antrim Road, Belfast
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