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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: New White stuffed Bear (S. redondo) Expired - Medium large in size Perfect condition. Offer: Ten cup coffee maker (S. redondo) Expired - Good condition-black Offer: Air purifier ionizer (S. redondo) Expired - Good condition
Photo of free Air purifier ionizer (S. redondo)
Offer: Cuisinart coffee maker (S. redondo) Expired - Good condition. I dropped the carafe. Can be replaced under 20 on ebay
Photo of free Cuisinart coffee maker (S. redondo)
Offer: Green Kettle (S. redondo) Gifted - Stovetop model. Medium size. Request: Hand vacuum (S. redondo) Expired - Does anyone have one of those small little handheld vacuums for cleaning up little small messes? I have a spot where my cat keep making a mess with the litter and I’d like to be able to just quickly clean it off the tile. Thank you! Offer: Bag of stuffed animals (S. redondo) Expired - Good condition. Offer: Set of 4 kitchen chairs (S. redondo) Gifted - Need a little paint. But great sold wood. Super comfy.
Photo of free Set of 4 kitchen chairs (S. redondo)
Offer: Bag of school supplies (S. redondo) Expired - Notebooks, pens, folders, notecards etc Offer: Set of brown encyclopedias (S. redondo) Expired - Excellent condition.Great for classrooms and projects. Offer: Recycle old phone free mailer (S. redondo) Expired - For sending your phone to be donated or recycled. Great for those old trashed phones.
Photo of free Recycle old phone free mailer (S. redondo)
Offer: Waffle maker (S. redondo) Expired - White standard waffle maker Offer: Avengers Ltd edition container (S. redondo) Expired - Good cond
Photo of free Avengers Ltd edition container (S. redondo)
Offer: Black flower wristlet (S. redondo) Expired - Zipper opening. Good size.
Photo of free Black flower wristlet (S. redondo)
Offer: Estée Lauder mirror (S. redondo) Expired - Nice size for bedside or makeup table.
Photo of free Estée Lauder mirror (S. redondo)
Offer: Beatriz Italian Guaranteed CDS (S. redondo) Expired - Full set. Great for pre trip excellence Offer: Hair curlers (S. redondo) Gifted - Twistable hair curlers. Used once. Good for all hair lengths. Request: Compost worms (S. redondo) Expired - I need some to start up my composter. Just a few would set me up fine. Thanks! Offer: Bag of 3x women’s clothes (S. redondo) Gifted - Nice. Just not worn often. Some sets, some pants, dresses and skirts. Offer: Chalk set (S. redondo) Gifted - New. For drawing on pavement. Offer: Beautiful satin lamp shade (S. redondo) Gifted - Medium large. Great condition. Very pretty and elegant. Offer: Two plastic sledding sheets (S. redondo) Gifted - Great for sledding. They are orange and good for kids or smaller adults to slide down hills. Great for storing because they are flat, thin and foldable.Great shape. Offer: Christmas decorations (S. redondo) Expired - Some wreaths, ornaments, garlands and some cute little Christmas/holiday accoutrements. One box. Offer: Empty glass candle jars (S. redondo) Expired - Various sizes. Some with lids. Very cute. Some large. Great for candle makers. Offer: Picture frames (S. redondo) Expired - Various sizes. Some small and some medium. Very nice. Never used. Offer: Twist hair curlers foam (S. redondo) Expired - Used once. Very cute purple. Offer: Two heart shaped jewelry boxes (S. redondo) Expired - Very nice condition. Great for sisters. Dark wood. Very classy. Offer: Girls jewelry (S. redondo) Expired - Some bracelets, necklaces etc. for around 12-14yrs old age range. Offer: Bag of flannel women’s pjs (S. redondo) Expired - Some missing buttons or drawstrings. Mainly l/xl Offer: Kids microscope kit (S. redondo) Gifted - Good for kids.
Photo of free Kids microscope kit (S. redondo)
Photo of free Kids microscope kit (S. redondo)