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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Electric heater (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Electric heater but without legs/feet so not freestanding. Possibly designed to be wall mounted from slats on back of heater.
Offer: Rail for vertical blinds (Ballynafoy BT6) Withdrawn - 58” in width. No blinds.
Offer: Single wooden chair (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Single sturdy wooden chair, maybe a suitable upcycling project. I’ve re-covered the seat recently.
Offer: Small bottle of Jeyes Fluid 300ml (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Tiny bit used. Offer: Curtain rails (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Various lengths of curtain rails with the odd fitting. Can be cut to size.
Offer: Shower head (Ballynafoy BT6) - The silver coating started to peel away on this, hence the tape, but it works fine and I’d hate for it to end up on landfill 😫
Offer: Steam cleaner attachment (Ballynafoy BT6) - For a Vax steam cleaner. Carpet cleaning accessory.
Request: Masonry/exterior paint (Ballynafoy BT6) Received - Would anyone have a small amount of outdoor paint please? Preferably light in colour. Thank you 😊 Offer: Hoover attachments (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Not sure from what make of hoover but hopefully someone could make use of these?
Offer: Clothes airers (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Could anyone make use of these? They’re a bit wobbly and one of the bars has come away but still useable.
Offer: Scraps of lino (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Could anyone make use of these? Clean and unused. NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE.
Offer: Oil heating control panel (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Hope someone could make use of this?
Offer: Upcycled chair (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - I’ve upcycled this chair with scraps of fabric if anyone would like to give it a home? Some bits have come off and the seat isn’t attached. Fabric will come off easily if you wanted to do something different with it.
Offer: Vertical blinds (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - White vertical blinds and fittings to fit large window. Beading is missing from bottom. Approx 10 years old. 82" width and 57.5 drop
Offer: Vertical Blinds (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - White in colour and to fit a bay window. Measurement are: 2 x side windows 18" width and 57.5" drop 1 x large front window 82" width and 57.5 drop These are in working order but some of the beading is broken and there is no beading across the bottom of the panels. Approx 10 years old.
Offer: Coffee pods (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Could anyone make use of these? They are the wrong size for my machine ☹️
Request: Cordless landline phone (Ballynafoy BT6) Received - Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a cordless landline phone they no longer use please? Thanks for reading. Offer: Carpet and lino pieces (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Small pieces of lino and carpet, suitable for small spaces
Offer: Broken Dyson hoover (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - I've kept this for years in the hope that, every time I switch it on, the hoover fairies will have magically fixed it. For some reason that hasn't happened so it's now free to a good home.
Offer: Wall tiles (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - 2 boxes. 36 tiles in total. Mainly white with slight mottled effect.
Offer: Floor tiles (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - Please see photos
Offer: Wok used (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - This has been used - a bit rusty but still useable if someone wanted to give it a new home?
Offer: old pillows (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - 5 old pillows, perhaps suitable for animal shelter? Offer: old pillows (Ballynafoy BT6) Gifted - 3 old used pillows. These have been washed. Might be useful for animal rescue centre?