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Offer: Rockery Stone (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - Large amount of rockery stone in various sizes (largest ones will need two to lift!). Please ring Jeff on 07980 481849 (collect from Sprotbrough Park). Some has been taken, but plenty still left, in all sizes. PS: please don't ask for it, then fail to collect, as some people have done! Offer: Pair of Hi/Lo Motor Horns (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - Pair of 'wind tone' motor horns in working order (12v negative earth). It's not possible to fit them to my current car, so if they're of use to anyone, they can have them Request: Bale of straw. (Sprotbrough DN5) Received - Looking for a bale (or part bale) of straw to support strawberries. Anybody know where I can get the same, please? Thankyou - Jeff (07980 481849). Offer: Block Paving (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - My neighbour at 77 Park Drive, Sprotbrough, has a large amount of block paving for free collection. It's neatly stacked in metre size cubes at the roadside. Request: Walking Frame (Sprotbrough DN5) Received - Following foot surgery, my wife is having problems with her balance. We therefore wondered if anyone has a walking frame ('Zimmer' frame) with or without wheels, please. I could collect promptly. Thankyou - Jeff. Offer: Sunding Bicycle Computer (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - Sunding 548C1 bike computer (odometer). This is the handlebar unit ONLY. If anyone has lost their computer unit, but still has the wheel magnet etc, then they are welcome to collect this. I must stress that the computer is useless without the wheel magnet. Thanks - Jeff Request: Wheelchair Wanted - short term (Sprotbrough DN5) Received - My wife has just had a foot operation. The hospital have given her some crutches, which are fine, but the loan of a wheelchair for a fortnight or so would be of great help. (When she had her other foot done a couple of years ago, a member of the family lent us a wheelchair, which was invaluable, but unfortunately he's since given it away.) Nothing posh needed, just a basic chair would be lovely. Thanks - Jeff & Brenda (Sprotbrough). Offer: BT Home Hub + Modem (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - BT Home Hub, together with its Openreach modem and power supplies. Both as new. Request: Bunk Beds (Sprotbrough DN5) Received - If anyone has a pair of bunk beds they no longer need, we would be grateful for them for our twin grandchildren (boy & girl) as they are getting too old to share the double bed in our spare room. (Indeed, if anyone with spare bunks would like to exchange them for a double bed with mattress, in excellent condition, please contact me. I could collect/deliver. Thanks - Jeff Offer: Two Hollowfibre Pillows (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - A lady was asking, recently, for hollowfibre stuffing, for making soft toys. We have two pillows that have gone 'lumpy' in the wash. They're perfectly clean, but no longer any use for sleeping on. We're in Sprotbrough village. Jeff & Brenda Offer: Central Heating Radiator (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - Radiator in excellent condition. Eight years old, and only removed due to having door fitted where it was sited! It is a K1 (single panel with fins - approx 1436 watts / 4800 btus) and is 600mm high by 1400mm wide. Has blank plug and bleed fittings, but will need valves. Request: Half a dozen runner bean plants (Sprotbrough DN5) Received - Hi. If any fellow gardener has half a dozen runner bean plants spare, we would love them! Thanks in anticipation - Jeff & Brenda. Offer: Coffee table (Sprotbrough DN5) Gifted - Heavy, dark wood coffee table in excellent condition. Approx four foot by two foot. Apologies if photo is upside down; neither of the rotate buttons will function. (Administration, please note!).