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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Bookshelf stereo system (Winchester) Gifted - Has CD player, AM/FM radio, cassette player.
Photo of free Bookshelf stereo system (Winchester)
Offer: 3 Original Xbox consoles (Winchester) Gifted - They haven’t been used for years. I just plugged them in and they all booted up but had errors reading game discs. Could possibly be fixed or used for parts.
Photo of free 3 Original Xbox consoles (Winchester)
Offer: DVD player (Winchester) Gifted - Phillips DVD player Has remote control. Component output, no HDMI output. I can provide component video cable if needed.
Photo of free DVD player (Winchester)
Photo of free DVD player (Winchester)
Offer: Sony CD player AM/FM radio (Winchester) Gifted - Compact tabletop/ bookshelf CD/radio system.
Photo of free Sony CD player AM/FM radio (Winchester)
Photo of free Sony CD player AM/FM radio (Winchester)
Photo of free Sony CD player AM/FM radio (Winchester)
Offer: Short cabinet (Winchester) Gifted - Solid wood. 24” tall x 18” x 26”
Photo of free Short cabinet (Winchester)
Offer: Microwave oven (Winchester) Gifted - 1150W GE Microwave. We are still using it adequately, but it has an issue where it will sometimes stop before the timer is done. In other words, we set the timer for three minutes and press start and it starts nuking and then sometimes stops with 40 seconds or 70 seconds, etc left in the timer.
Photo of free Microwave oven (Winchester)
Photo of free Microwave oven (Winchester)
Offer: Twin bedroom set (Winchester) Gifted - Jordan’s furniture twin bedroom set with mattress and box spring. Color is dark cherry. Has been in spare bedroom so has seen very little use overall and unused for the last 2 years.
Photo of free Twin bedroom set (Winchester)
Photo of free Twin bedroom set (Winchester)
Photo of free Twin bedroom set (Winchester)
Offer: Child’s wooden chair (Winchester) Gifted - Functional but finish shows signs of wear. Brown grocery bag next to it for scale.
Photo of free Child’s wooden chair (Winchester)
Offer: Wooden chairs (Winchester) Gifted - One adult size and one child size. Sturdy and functional but with wear in the finish.
Photo of free Wooden chairs (Winchester)
Offer: New bathroom sink (Winchester) Gifted - Never installed. Info in first picture.
Photo of free New bathroom sink (Winchester)
Photo of free New bathroom sink (Winchester)
Offer: R-19 Fiberglass insulation (Winchester) Gifted - 1 new roll, 15” width, paper faced
Photo of free R-19 Fiberglass insulation (Winchester)
Offer: Kids’ games (Winchester) Gifted - Operation, Chrono Bomb, Suspend
Photo of free Kids’ games (Winchester)
Offer: TV stand (Winchester) Gifted - Has glass door and shelf inside. 28” wide , 19” long, 19” tall. Has a scuff on top as shown in picture.
Photo of free TV stand (Winchester)
Photo of free TV stand (Winchester)
Offer: Folding bookshelf (Winchester) Gifted - Shelves fold up and sides fold in for storage or transport. 22” wide x 36” tall
Photo of free Folding bookshelf (Winchester)
Offer: Area rug (Winchester) Gifted - 8x10 area rug. Clean and in good shape with no stains, but won’t fit after move.
Photo of free Area rug (Winchester)
Offer: Remote control flying fish (Winchester) Gifted - Requires hooking up to helium tank for fish to “fly”
Photo of free Remote control flying fish (Winchester)
Offer: Step2 Kids easel (Winchester) Gifted - Some paint on it that should come off with soap and water.
Photo of free Step2 Kids easel (Winchester)
Offer: Metal wine rack (Winchester) Expired - I good shape. Industrial look.
Photo of free Metal wine rack (Winchester)
Offer: The Light Box (Winchester) Gifted - Light box for arts and crafts applications.
Photo of free The Light Box (Winchester)
Offer: Halloween baskets (Winchester) Expired - Decoration or trick-or-treat baskets.
Photo of free Halloween baskets (Winchester)
Offer: Gift wrapping paper (Winchester) Expired - Unopened roll in floral pattern.
Photo of free Gift wrapping paper (Winchester)
Offer: Home cordless phone system (Winchester) Gifted - AT&T DECT 6.0 Cordless phone system with 4 handsets. In great condition.
Photo of free Home cordless phone system (Winchester)
Offer: Electric guitar (Winchester) Gifted - 1960’s Fandel guitar. Something is wrong with the output jack and cable needs to be held at certain angle for sound to be heard.
Photo of free Electric guitar (Winchester)
Offer: Wrist watch with extra bands (Winchester) Gifted - New in the box. Received as gift and never used.
Photo of free Wrist watch with extra bands (Winchester)
Offer: Armoir with Desk Inside (Winchester) Gifted - 60” tall x 49” wide x 25” deep Quality piece of furniture. Very heavy. Easy access in garage - can bring your truck right up to it.
Photo of free Armoir with Desk Inside (Winchester)
Photo of free Armoir with Desk Inside (Winchester)