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Offer: Plants (Kensington L7) - Pride of London low growing, ground cover, evergreen plants. Pink phlox - perennials If interested please leave a telephonenumber to arrange for doorstep collection. Offer: Books (Kensington L7) - 6 Romantic novels all in good clean condition. 7 thrillers all in good clean condition. hone number if interested to arrange doorstep collection only Offer: oxygen bag (Kensington L7) - Brand new bag to carry portable oxygen around and tubes to go with it. Please telephone and arrange doorstep delivery if interested Offer: Books (Kensington L7) - Someone gave me a carrier bag of books - not my type of reading: Love and laughter Josephine Cox - Looking back The Girl from Cobb /Street , Kitty Neale A Cuckoo in Cadle Lane - about 14 in all. different authors and all good clean books. Doorstep collection only Offer: sub woofer system (Kensington L7) Expired - Acoustic solutions sub woofer system 5.1 channel amplifier. Good condition as far as I know but none of the leads that go between the stack system and the sub woofer. Offer: magazine rack (Kensington L7) Expired - Wooden magazine rack with inlaid top. Sorry I can't provide a photograph. Request: Ghetto Blaster (Kensington L7) Expired - Has anyone got one of those old ghetto blasters with a working cassette tape deck. Thanks Offer: dining chairs (Kensington L7) Expired - Two carver type dining chairs upholstered in synthetic yellow velvet and studded. I cannot provide a photograph Please reply with a contact telephone number Offer: table lamp (Kensington L7) Expired - Made of different sized bead shapes. Gold coloured with brown lamp shade. Short lead. I cannot provide a photograph. Please reply with a contact telephone number. Offer: Ronseal (Whiston Lane Ends L35) Expired - About 3/4 quarters of a 12 litre tin of Ronseal One Coat Fence Life in red cedare colour. Please respond with a contact telephone number. Thanks Offer: Chimney (Whiston Lane Ends L35) Expired - Eight sided chimney pot - quite old - painted navy. Please respond with a telephone number. Thanks Offer: wild flowers (Whiston Lane Ends L35) Expired - I have two foxgloves - pink, a couple of evening primose plants and 2-3 cowslips - wild primroses which have not been taken illegally from the wild. Please respond with a telephone number. Thanks Offer: water butt (Whiston Lane Ends L35) Expired - Water butt. I am not sure how much water it holds. In good condition. Please respond with a telephone number. Thanks. Offer: curtains (Kensington L7) Expired - Three navy synthetic velvet curtains 48 inches by 90 inches Collection only PLEASE REPLY WITH CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER Offer: Masonery Paint (Kensington L7) Gifted - 10 Litre tin almost full Johnson's white masonery paint. Collection Only PLEASE REPLY WITH TELEPHONE NO ONLY Offer: dumb bells (Kensington L7) Gifted - two 2 kilo dumb bells. almost new. pink collection only plrease resp0nd ith telephone no only. Offer: computer/office chair (Fairfield L7) Expired - office/computer chair with adjustable height. Good condition. Collection only. PLEASE RESPOND WITH TELEPHONE NUMBER Thanks Offer: sweetpea (Kensington L7) Gifted - Anyone want a perenniel sweet pea plant. Also pink phlox plants Please reply with phone number only. Collection only Offer: Large Plant (Kensington L7) Expired - Does any one want a large peris forest flame in large plastic plant pot. PLEASE reply with telephone number. Collection only Offer: pillows (Kensington L7) Expired - I have four pillows which have been regularly washed, so are quite clean. Would make good pet beds if you don't to use second hand pillows. Please reply with telephone number