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Offer: Euro locks and keys (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Two euro pattern lock cylinders... both 35mm/35mm, both with security snap-off for the outside side to defeat the common euro lock attack. Both chromed. One is keyed inside and out, one is keyed outside and thumb turn inside - usually the thumb turn one is used on the front door. Two (original) keys for the one with a thumb turn, three (original) keys for the keyed inside and out. Good working order - replaced when taking over a housing association house. Can't have had many years use... the houses are only a few years old! No mounting bolts... just use the old one from your door. Can be left outside for non-contact pickup... in fact best if that's how it's done!
Photo of free Euro locks and keys (Drayton OX14)
Offer: ceiling roses and pendants (Drayton OX14) Expired - Two ceiling roses with wire and bulb holder, one batten light holder. All complete with CFL bulbs. Taken from a new-build when I replaced them with fancier light fittings... so second hand but very little use. They can go as a lot of three or as singles... let me know if you want all or just one of them! Is it essential? It could be depending on your needs... clearly follow the guidelines and decide if you *need* this/these or not! Will arrange no-contact handover.
Photo of free ceiling roses and pendants (Drayton OX14)
Offer: mortice lock barrel x2 (Drayton OX14) Expired - Two euro-pattern lock barrels with lots of keys. Both 45-55mm (that is... 45mm end to centre one side, 55mm end to centre the other). Both take standard keys that can be duplicated by a key/shoe place if you really need more keys than come with them. One in brass, comes with 9 keys One in chrome, comes with 5 keys Both come with anchoring bolt. Happy to split these. If so, say if you want the chrome or the brass one.
Photo of free mortice lock barrel x2 (Drayton OX14)
Offer: Mobile phone (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Samsung GT-E1230 basic mobile 'phone. Tidy, no visible wear marks, probably locked to Orange / EE, comes complete with charger, headphone, manual and even the (slightly scruffy) box. This isn't a smart 'phone... it's so un-smart it doesn't even have a camera! It handles calls, it handles texts and it's got a built in FM radio. But it's small and its battery lasts longer than a smart 'phone. Was bought as a 'spare' while a teenager's smart 'phone was being repaired. Can't get a pic uploaded, but it looks just like a google pic of the model. Offer: Dell laptop Inspiron 1525 (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Dell laptop loaded with Linux Mint (Free operating system, this computer doesn't have Windows installed, has Vista product license sticker on it). 4Gb RAM, 128GB hard disk. Comes with mains adapter and has some (not a lot) of battery life - it reckons on under 2 hours doing 'nothing' but I've not tested it's rundown time. Has working wifi, has a network connector (not tested this) and a lot of other connectors, have a look at the Dell site to see what else it comes with, A bit worn, a few marks on the case but the lid hinges are fine and the screen is fine Great for surfing / email / music / has Libre Office on it so it can 'do' word processing and spreadsheets, can read Microsoft Office format files, can write them too. Obviously not something I can leave out in the rain, so evenings only collection is possible!
Photo of free Dell laptop Inspiron 1525 (Drayton OX14)
Request: Kitchen base units and top (Drayton OX14) Received - I'm looking for up to 3.5 metre of kitchen units (ideally a mix of standard height and depth floor cupboards and drawer units) and a similar length of worktop. These are for a shed, so if you're replacing a kitchen and have the old units / top available I'd appreciate it. Don't mind if there are holes cut in the backs, prefer units that are not water damaged as they're going to form a workbench... and the worktop needs to be faced chipboard or wood, fancy composites or tiles don't work too well as workbench material! As it's workbench, scuffed or damaged is fine... even a couple of bits is fine as it doesn't need to look kitchen standard! Offer: Battery drill (Drayton OX14) Expired - 14.4 volt battery drill with two batteries, charger and carry case. Unfortunately both batteries are unable to hold charge... they're suffering the usual NiCd battery problems of things that get occasionally used and occasionally charged. Drill's in fine condition, does the usual portable drill stuff - numerous torque settings, hammer, reversible, keyless chuck - but without a sensible battery life it's not useful to me. I thought about rebuilding the battery packs (14.4 volt, so 12 sub-C nicads in each battery) but it was cheaper to buy a new drill than to buy the batteries! May be useful to someone who has batteries to rebuild it with, someone who wants to alter it to be other-powered or for other use. It's not useful as it stands as a battery powered drill, one pack gives less than 5 minutes use, the other pack is totally useless. Oh, also has a double ended screwdriver bit and the instructions manual in the case!
Photo of free Battery drill (Drayton OX14)
Photo of free Battery drill (Drayton OX14)
Offer: 3-band radio (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Roberts RP10 3-band radio (LW/MW/VHF), manual tune, telescopic aerial in good condition, runs off 4x'C' cells or 240V mains input. Comes with a mains lead but no batteries. About 8.5 inch wide / 2.5 inch deep, has a carry handle. Just checked it, picks up stations on all three wavebands.
Photo of free 3-band radio (Drayton OX14)
Offer: Garage floor paint - red (Drayton OX14) Gifted - About 1.5 litres of tile red concrete floor paint in a 2.5 litre can, remains of a can used to paint new shed floor. It took about 3.5 litres for two coats on a15 square metre floor, so this should do two coats on somewhere around 7-10 square metres. Good for a small shed floor or part of a larger job. Paint was used about 3 months ago, it's not a back-of-shed forgotten can!
Photo of free Garage floor paint - red (Drayton OX14)
Offer: Football boots - size 5 artificial turf boots (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Outgrown, Adidas football boots. UK size 5 / continental 38. 11 (fixed) triangular studs, so they're suitable for artificial surfaces... though the muddiness shows they've been used on grass too.
Photo of free Football boots - size 5 artificial turf boots (Drayton OX14)
Offer: berkshire street atlas (Drayton OX14) Gifted - A-Z street atlas of Berkshire. A4 hardback in good condition - some fading on the spine but what do you expect as it was published in 1995! Covers Berkshire as it was when the Newbury Bypass was only a proposed road... in about 115 pages of maps in colour. Plus a street index for the whole area. 3 1/3 inch to the mile scale. I know, it's not a good thing to say about maps, but this is a first edition! Not old enough to be a historic document but still okay for local navigation... and most roads. Offer: zimmer frame replacement feet (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Pair of grey rubber feet (unused) 25mm inner diameter with steel washer insert. Suit Zimmer frame or similar walker. Decent quality... one pair after two years were not worn out... unlike the originals that came with the frame. Several pairs available!
Photo of free zimmer frame replacement feet (Drayton OX14)
Offer: A4 suspension files (Drayton OX14) Gifted - 44 A4 suspension files, designed to go into an A4 filing cabinet (note that the filing cabinet is not included) These are second hand... the local parish clerk retired and handed over his filing to the replacement, who has a foolscap sized filing cabinet. So these are used, surplus to requirement. Standard light olive green colour with metal hanging rails, believed all to be Q-Connect brand. No index tabs included. A few have scruffy edges but I've got rid of any torn ones or ones with rails mangled beyond slight bends. A few have sun-bleaching in places but they work just as well as the unbleached ones in the dark of a filing cabinet. Or of course if you want them for the card for something other than filing, they'd work for that too! Can go as one lot or in smaller numbers... when you contact me please let me know how many you want! Offer: Low energy GU10 bulbs (Drayton OX14) Gifted - Seven unused low energy GU10 bulbs, individually boxed. These are made by Aurora, described as Low Energy Compact (they're 5cm from front to base of pins, a little bit longer than a standard halogen GU10). These bulbs are fluorescent not LED so they take a few seconds to light up and a few minutes to get to full brightness. They're definitely not dimmable!