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Offer: sodium lamp (Old Knebworth AL6) Gifted - a while ago somebody posted a "wanted" for a similar lamp. I got this out of a skip in case it is what you wanted. Harold
Photo of free sodium lamp (Old Knebworth AL6)
Offer: Chairs (Old Knebworth AL6) Withdrawn - comfey steel framed chairs for restoration project; they are sound but the fabric covering is a bit moth eaten in places.
Photo of free Chairs (Old Knebworth AL6)
Offer: single bed base (Old Knebworth AL6) Gifted - has ink stain where a printer was stored. We will be breaking it up soon if there is no interest. could possibly delver locally.
Photo of free single bed base (Old Knebworth AL6)
Offer: used white office paper for recycling (Old Knebworth AL6) Gifted - Does anyone know where to recycle this? years ago one kept this separate from news print etc because it could be recycled to a higher grade, and had so a higher value. I've got boxes full saved up, but am told there is no separate stream for it now. Is this right? Offer: disability aids (Old Knebworth AL6) Expired - Help! Has anyone an idea how to get bathroom type disability aids reused now the Red Cross has been told not to accept them? I have a commode, a seat raiser and support handles on legs, all in pristine condition. It's a crazy world! Offer: 3 older music centres, towers (Old Knebworth AL6) Expired - with cd, tape cassettes, fm tuner and amp all in a block; 2 are jvc, 1 Goodmans, + speakers. all been stored, may work or may need tlc. Request: leaf sweeper (Old Knebworth AL6) Expired - old leaf sweeper wanted for project picking up walnuts without crawling about on all fours. The type with a rotating brush and hopper that you push along. Not working may do. Request: aubergine, sweet pepper, lettuce plants (Old Knebworth AL6) Received - hi, the slugs destroyed all mine this year, has anyone any spare? I am hoping for 3 or 4 of each. I have a few courgettes and cues, and lots of celeriac plants spare.