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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Beer Mirror (North Cambridge) - Hello I am looking for a Beer Mirror for my home... Perhaps someone has an old one in a basement or garage? Request: Garbage Can (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a clean garbage can for the kitchen. Halfway decent and not smelly. If it had a lid on it that would be preferable. Thanks!! Request: Hose (Somerville Massachusetts) Received - Hey all! I’m looking for a hose to aid in my gardening this summer, does anyone have an extra one they don’t need?? Thank you! Request: Mini Fridge (Somerville Massachusetts) - I’m sure this is a long shot but I am looking for a mini fridge. Thanks! Request: Desk Chair (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a desk chair, please send a photo if possible. Thank you! Request: Floor lamp/tall light (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a tall lamp/ light for my apartment. Request: Bass or guitar amp (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a small bass or guitar amp that someone may have laying around that would be good for a small apartment. Request: Yoga Towel (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a yoga towel. I have a mat but do to an injury I’ve been forced to switch up my routine a bit and find myself sweating much much more. It would be nice to have yoga towel to combat this issue. Request: Bookshelf (Somerville Massachusetts) - Looking for a decent bookshelf Offer: Pull-up bar (Medford) Gifted - Goes over door. Pops on and off.
Offer: Futon (Medford) - Getting rid of futon. No longer have the space for it.
Offer: “Mandolin” food cutting device (Medford) Gifted - I got a new one and had received this one for free.
Request: Pannier bagsbor bike storage (Medford) Received - Wondering if anyone has old pannier bags or storage bags that they don’t want. I plan on doing some weekend bike trips and any kind of storage would help. Request: Tall Mirror (Medford) Received - Looking for a tall mirror! Request: Flower Pots (Medford) - I was wondering if anyone had some ceramic flower pots? I have about ten plants that are outgrowing their current homes. Request: Tools/sandpaper/electric/screw (Medford) - Looking for any old tools and sandpaper that people don’t want. Electric tools welcome as well. Screws and nails also welcome. Trying to get some DIY projects going this summer. And most of my tools are six hours away at my folks house. Request: Wood for coffee table (Medford) - Looking for some decent wood to make a coffee table.