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Offer: water hose (90504) - green, 45' water hose. a few cracks cause it does tangle. Both ends connect each other when rolled up. Please leave contact number for porch pick up and photos. Mahalo Offer: jvc tv (90504) Withdrawn - JVC TV 21", D Series, Energy star. Rabbit ears, & remote but no manual. Was used for games till gamer left home. Photos possible with tx number. Mahalo Offer: exercise board (90504) Withdrawn - INCLINE board. Good shape. Not used much Photos possible with tx number. Contact number to help with follow up Maholo Offer: left over tile (90504) Withdrawn - TILE. left over from project. 3 kinds. white "marble", grey and earth color. Went on floor and back splash. Used what I could for yard project but still have more. Photos are available if you leave me tx number to send. Please leave contact number for additional info Mahalo Offer: plants (90504) Withdrawn - new landscaping requires me to clean out some old plants: 1- Ti plants (green) cut or bring shovel and dig as many as you can 2- Angel Trumpet (yellow) pods. Lovely smell. Bees love them. Lots of seeds in each pot, but take all you want Photos available if you leave a tx number for me to send Please leave contact info to get it to you. Mahalo Offer: film canisters (90504) Withdrawn - EMPTY 35 ml film canisters. Black with grey lids. Doz or so. My cat likes batting them around but she doesn't need all of them. Please lave contact info to expedite pick up. Mahalo Offer: Nutrisystem FRESH START kit (90504) Gifted - FRESH START Probiotic shake mix. 17.8 oz. Sealed, never opened and exp Aug 2020. We've got too many of them. Will never drink this many. 3, all chocolate flavors. Please leave contact info to arrange a pick up. Mahalo Offer: old/worn bedding (90504) Gifted - mix size bedding. sheets, comfort, pillow. Best for art project or pets Clean and from non pet or smoking home.... Please leave contact info for photo and arranging pick up. Mahalo Offer: VW tailpipe mounting (90504) Withdrawn - tail pipe mounting part for VW or simular. Package says kit and 1 ring with hardware is missing. Other still in package with its parts. part number 64202, type 1 all, type 2 1961-1967 Send contact number for photo and how to pick up. Mahalo Offer: golf donut weight (90504) Gifted - golf swing weight. Heavy, red and never open out of package. Please leave contact number to make arrangement to pick up. Mahalo Offer: wood indoor molding (90504) Withdrawn - "old" door wood molding. This is not green wood and is termite free. Might have lead paint but I don't think so. Remodeling 1950s house. Light wood, maple or pine?? Aprox 34 pieces. 1 1/2 width X height of indoor. Please leave contact number for pick up. Mahalo Offer: obsolete CDs (90504) Gifted - Obsolete/advertisement/un reusable (not recordable) CDs. I collected for an art project but wont get around to it now. Multiple colors. Please leave contact information for pick up. Mahalo Offer: plastic canisters (90504) Withdrawn - 10 plastic film canisters with lids. Empty. Black. Great containers to same odds and ends. Please leave contact number and I will glad to send photos Offer: mailing labels (90504) Withdrawn - 1" X 2 5/8" sheets of white mailing labels. Preset layouts in Microsoft Word and other popular software. Box # 8460 and less then 3000 labels. Box is almost full. Please leave contact number to best reach you for easy pick up. Mahalo Offer: old bedding (90504) Withdrawn - clean old bedding maybe for pets....... sheets, blankets, bed pillows, etc Please leave contact info to make arrangements. Mahalo Offer: pocket size planner/calendar (90504) Withdrawn - 3 pocket size planner/calendar. Aprox 5" X 8". One small desk calendar. All 2020 Leave contact info is interested. Mahalo Offer: holiday boxes (90504) Withdrawn - Holiday boxes all sizes. Medium, small and jewelry size (all recycled if not picked up). Used but still nice & stored flat in a pet and smoke free home. Leave info I can contact to make arrangements to pick up. Mahalo Offer: old bedding (90504) Withdrawn - Old bedding, lovenly used, clean and from smoke and pet free home for pets, was my thought. Most queen size blankets and sheets, etc. Please leave contact info to expedite. Mahalo Offer: mailing materials (90504) Withdrawn - 1- Small and med size, clean, one time used cardboard mailing boxes. Might flatten and recycle also. 2- Bubble stuffing. Most are 3 X 3 air bags. Green and/or clear with recycle symbols too when they run out of air. Please leave message how to contact for convenience. Mahalo Offer: Holiday materials (90504) Withdrawn - Lots to share if interested. Rolls of paper, boxes, ribbon, tags, ???etc... (all recycle if not picked up). All never used and stored in a pet and smoke free home. Leave info I can contact to make arrangements to pick up. Offer: indoor doors (90504) Withdrawn - 2 nice indoor doors. Light stain with hardware holes. Aprox. measurements: 1 3/8" thick (hollow). 79" high & 23 5/8" wide. Might make good gathering tables or other hobbies. If you'd like photos, please leave tx number I can send before decision is made. Thanks Offer: pet bed (90504) Withdrawn - Orthopedic Foam pet bed. 3" thick (possibly egg crate foam inside) 3 ft by 4 ft. Clean and used so zipper has 1 bad spot. If you send tx number/contact info Id be glad to send photos & a smooth pick up Thank you Offer: old bedding (90504) Withdrawn - I've got one standard size white pillow (needs cleaning) and I queen flannel set of sheets (laundered). Full set. Offering for pet bedding, but might be useful for other things. From non smoker and no pet home. If interested please leave contact info for expedition. Offer: pet odors (90504) Withdrawn - Glade & Arm and Hammer pet fresh, odor eliminator (powder). 1/2 full each 21 oz. No dog and no carpet so don't need any more. Mahalo Offer: health books (90504) Withdrawn - 7 books about healthy living. All "natural" living and care. Resources, hard cover and paper back too. Done with them and would like to pass along the way I got them. Mahalo Offer: decorative tea pots (90504) Withdrawn - Ive got 2 working tea pots from my collection. These are colorful. One is covered with vegetables and the other is covered with fruit & leaves. Apx 8". One is marked "Lefton", possibly from the 1940s???? Both good shape. Don't know much more abt them, but if interested leave tx number and Id be happy to send photos of each. Mahalo Offer: indoor window molding (90504) Gifted - this is painted white but maybe be light wood from the 50s so that means it is from old trees and great for preventing bugs. No termites, and is precut to 3 ft to 5 ft and approx 1 inch wide X 1/4 inch think. No fancy designs. Lots of layers of paint but still all good material. Leave contact number if interested. Thanks for recycling. Request: white window blinds (90504) Received - White, used or extras window blinds. All sizes. Need to label plants so any condition will work. They will be outdoors anyway. thanks for recycling Offer: plastic silverware (90504) Gifted - multiple plastic silverware. Most from take out meals but not opened. Some with napkins and fork, knife and spoon. Most white. A few boxes of just the one piece. Please leave info so I can reach you. thanks Offer: nursery black pots (90504) Gifted - all sizes. tiny seedlings size to large. Black, round and slightly used. Please leave contact info so I can get back to you. thanks