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Offer: Sola Harmonic-Neutralized Constant Voltage Transformer, Glebe - See images: about 20kg. Bring muscles. Offer: iPhone 6 battery replacement kit, Glebe - Found one of these in my junk, never opened. / Offer: Two sheets of Barker Board (Tileboard), Glebe - These are waterproof construction boards doing inside showers and bathrooms. Each piece is 30" x 60". One piece has holes drilled for a shower head, and some glue residue on the back. The latter one was installed but taken right back down as they didn't suit. Never seen water. Images:
Offer: Box of remotes, Glebe - Life getting out of control? Pictures:
Offer: Two sizes of model rocket engines, Glebe - More "blow stuff up" things I probably shouldn't put in the trash. Pictures:
Offer: Old style refrigerator bulb, Glebe - Old style incandescent. Might still fit your old fridge. Pictures:
Offer: Old school mechanical 110v plug timer, Glebe - Simple device can be used for timing Christmas lights or whatever. See image:
Offer: Expired life jacket inflator cartridges, Glebe - Unused and unopened but expired dates. Not sure what value these have other than "blow stuff up" fun. See images here:
Offer: Haynes manual for Mazda 626/MX-6 Ford Probe, 1993 - 2001, Glebe - Don't have the car anymore. Offer: Large hockey bag with wheels, Glebe - Warning the zipper is un-threaded and I couldn't figure out how to get it zipping again. It's too big for me so I just decided to get a smaller one instead. Cheers. Offer: Five expired life jacket inflation cartridges, Glebe - Not sure if these are useful or just small bundles of danger. These are inflation cartridges for automatic lifejackets, but they expired before they were ever installed so they are new in boxes. I think there are two types mixed in here. Not likely trustworthy anymore. Please don't use them for their original purpose. Images:
Offer: Sakar Camera Lens, Glebe - I don't know anything about it other than the pictures. Words read "Sakar MC Auto Zoom 1:3.5-4.5 f=28-85mm 62O No.610258" The mount might be Minolta? Pentax? See images:
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Offer: Nikon Lens Cap, Glebe - I think this is the smaller cap that goes on the body end when the lens is removed? I might be wrong. Photo:
Offer: Solar garden light, needs battery, Glebe Gifted - This is an LED garden light with a solar panel. It's supposed to charge during the day and run at night. This stopped working so I opened it up and the internal rechargeable battery was corroded. Needs replacement, a 3.2V AA battery, amazon has them for $5. Images:
Offer: Wooden skid (pallet), Glebe - Leaning on post at curb. Email for address if interested. Offer: Throwing Horseshoes, Glebe - Two orange and two plain, for the game Horseshoes. (not for putting on actual horse feet) Metal and heavy. Image here:
Offer: Mazda MPV carpet set, Glebe - Probably fits early 2000s MPVs? Found in my basement but don't have van anymore. Very good shape. Picture here:
Offer: Desk, Glebe - Not very high quality but in decent shape. Has a light bulb socket under the shelf that illuminates the work surface. See images:
Offer: Two mirrors, Glebe - One is maybe 30" x 20", wall mount. The other is a little smaller and is actually the door to a vanity. Porch pickup available. Offer: Wooden Screen Door, Glebe - It's 81" x 34", and a bit fancy. Image here:
Offer: Sailboat Hull, Val-des-Monts - This came with my cottage and it would be nice to see it used. It's just the hull, no mast or sails or anything. It was made from a Glen-L pattern a few decades ago. The hull does have a swing keel. Would also make a workable rowboat or tender. No trailer. Can be carried by two healthy people. Image here:
Offer: Wooden crate, Glebe - This is a wooden crate from shipping industrial equipment. So it's a small skid with a plywood cap on it. Images here: It's at the end of my curb but if you are REALLY serious and commit I'll go save it for your pickup. Cheers.