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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Computer desk (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - IKEA desk with 2 drawers. L131xd60 cm. Fairly good condition. Needs to be collected on Sunday (tomorrow).
Photo of free Computer desk (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Home made keyboard stand (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - Basic stand on wheels. Was made for a medium keyboard but has had a full-size keyboard on it too. 85x25x61cm (63cm at front)
Photo of free Home made keyboard stand (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Filing cabinet (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - Sturdy 2 drawer filing cabinet. Well used. Chipboard Formica. Would look good with a coat of Hammorite paint or similar. W40x d47x h67cm.
Photo of free Filing cabinet (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Paint (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - A few tins of half used paint. Crown blue Mosel emulsion 3/4 full. Blackboard paint 3/4 full.
Photo of free Paint (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Wood offcuts (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Wood offcuts. Tallest piece is just over 1 metre. Mainly pine.
Photo of free Wood offcuts (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Small desk (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - IKEA Laiva desk. A bit bashed in places and a little wobbly but solid enough and still some life left in it. 70 x 45 cm
Photo of free Small desk (Tollcross EH3)
Photo of free Small desk (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: IKEA drawer unit (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Red, metal. In good condition. 28cm wide.
Photo of free IKEA drawer unit (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Page binders (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - 5 red A4 binders 13mm
Photo of free Page binders (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Gift bags (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - Used but in good condition
Photo of free Gift bags (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Recorder (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - Hardly used 3 part recorder
Photo of free Recorder (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Shelf and mdf (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - 6ft x 6in white shelf and long piece of mdf - approx 8ft x 6in with 8in section at one end. 2 Brackets for narrow shelf included.
Photo of free Shelf and mdf (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Kids books (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Kids books (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Shelf brackets (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Metal strong brackets 20x20cm
Photo of free Shelf brackets (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Large bags (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - One large Christmas bag and one post office sack.
Photo of free Large bags (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Lamp (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Globe approx. 30cm diameter. Lamp works but needs a new narrow bulb as shown in photo.
Photo of free Lamp (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Shakespeare for children (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Box with 12 book. Like new.
Photo of free Shakespeare for children (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: History books (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Kingfisher history encyclopaedia 10 books
Photo of free History books (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: NAT 5 Physics book (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Unused bought 2 years ago.
Photo of free NAT 5 Physics book (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Kids books (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - I wonder why collection 10 books 1000s of disgusting facts hardback The Lego ideas book hardback Exploring space My first book of the solar system
Photo of free Kids books (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Kids ipad cover (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - To fit 10” ipad.
Photo of free Kids ipad cover (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Star Wars posters (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - 3 rougue one large posters. Fair condition - not perfect. Small the force awakens poster worse condition. Offer: Dr Who Dalek helmet (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Sound and light up Dalek helmet. Adjustable strap to fit any size of head but too heavy for younger child. Offer: Jigsaw roll storage (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Unused jigsaw roll cloth, strap and 3 part cardboard tube storage tube.
Photo of free Jigsaw roll storage (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Tardis playset (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Good condition. Cardboard and plastic. 11th Doctor playset.
Photo of free Tardis playset (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Tardis door (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - Cardboard. Was on bedroom door so has been cut to fit and had hole cut out for handle. A bit bashed in places. Can stand or be fitted to wall/door.
Photo of free Tardis door (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Fire grates (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - 2 fire grates. Could be used in garden?
Photo of free Fire grates (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Glass Jars (Tollcross EH3) Withdrawn - 9 empty jars with lids
Photo of free Glass Jars (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Mini Stepper (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Old but works fine. 50 x 30cm approx. Weighs about 7.5kg
Photo of free Mini Stepper (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Wood (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Various off cuts of wood including 4 table legs.
Photo of free Wood (Tollcross EH3)
Photo of free Wood (Tollcross EH3)
Offer: Ikea Unit x 2 (Tollcross EH3) Gifted - Two units with red and blue plastic doors. Solid wood frames. One shelf each side. No backboard. W93 x D43 x H90
Photo of free Ikea Unit x 2 (Tollcross EH3)