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Offer: Old Avon Brochures (Daneshill RG24) - I have a few old Avon brochures that I don't want to just throw away. If anyone would like them, for a school project etc... Thanks. Offer: Water cooler - Cold and Warm Water (Daneshill RG24) Gifted - Fairly old but in good condition and has always been looked after, the plastic is slightly stained due to the age. I got this from freecycle about a year ago so I'm re-re-cycling it. 😁 Needs to be collected ASAP or going to the tip.
Request: LED Light Strips (Daneshill RG24) - Looking for any kind of LED light strips for a project in my garage, preferably 5050 White 12v. Request: Small Generator (Daneshill RG24) - I know it is a long shot... But I would really love to have one so that I could then power items from my garage as it is not able to be connected to the mains. Request: Power Tools (Daneshill RG24) - Heya, I am looking for some power tools so I can get creating in my garage, on my list of wants for the future are; table saw, jigsaw, drill, chop saw. If battery powered EVEN better, I do NOT care about the condition or how old they are or anything, as long as they semi work :-). Request: Laptops of any condition or age! (Daneshill RG24) - Hello, I am looking to be able to salvage parts from old or broken laptops to use for other projects in the future. Does not matter whether there is a power lead or not. Offer: DWELL Glass & Chrome Dining Table and 4 Chairs (South Ham RG22) Gifted - Original dwell designer glass dining table and 4 chairs. 2 x black 2 x white chairs. Black ones are in good condition and the two white ones are a bit worn. The table is a little wobbly (side to side), maybe needs tightening ?? The glass top is very heavy and has some minor scratches, nothing major tho.
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Request: Old Or Broken Laptops (Daneshill RG24) Received - Hi, I am looking for any old/broken laptops or spare parts from laptops, I am looking to harvest parts for future projects. Also, I am looking for faulty PC towers. Thanks. Request: Looking for any power tools please (Daneshill RG24) - Looking for power tools, I am looking to be doing some home renovations soon, but need lots of different tools, to help thing be a lot easier for me. Thanks. Request: Tile Cutter (Daneshill RG24) - Looking for a tile cutter, thanks.