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Offers  and  Requests
Request: An Apple USB keyboard for an iMac (Glasgow West End) Received - Looking for a keyboard in working condition as it looks like ours has packed up after 11 years service. Offer: Stuart Turner Trevi 45 pump (Glasgow West End) Withdrawn - This item is 9 years old and whilst it is still working it was having issues with sticking in the on mode. It may be that someone with the mechanical expertise can do something with it.
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Offer: Plastic/polythene sheets (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 2x 60x 87cm
Offer: DIY self watering system (Glasgow West End) Gifted - Constructed from a water cooler refill and 2m of pierced house. Used to water tomatoes whilst on holiday.
Offer: Ariel Corotherm insulated plastic (Glasgow West End) Gifted - These are surplus to requirement off cuts from a green house roof project. Suitable for a cloche or similar. 2 x 60 by 87cm. They have a removable film that peels off with the instructions on.
Offer: Green plastic lattice (Glasgow West End) Withdrawn - 52 by 100 cm
Offer: Wooden shelves (Glasgow West End) Withdrawn - 2 x 33cm2, 1x 30x32cm, 1x 25x40cm
Offer: White decorative stone chips. 2kg b (Glasgow West End) Gifted - White chips. Bag sealed as new
Offer: Artificial grass 70cm by 55cm (Glasgow West End) Gifted - Green. Deep pile.
Offer: Around 50 78 records (Glasgow West End) Gifted - I have a box of 78's from the 1940' and 50's including such big bands as Billy Eckstine, Stan Kenton, Buddy Morrow, Johnny Dankworth. Singers such as Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Katy Starr, Harry Belafonte, Ink Spots. They are in playable condition as I have listened to some on my record player. To be uplifted from G3 6BS. Offer: Old mandolin type instrument (Glasgow West End) Gifted - This is an old instrument that does not play and according to a local repair business cannot be cost effectively fixed. It is very decorative and may suit someone who wishes to restore it for pleasure. It is for uplift from Glasgow woodlands area.
Offer: Metal and plastic profile edging. (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 4 x 2m x 15mm lengths of steel edging 2 x 2m with a 50mm by 30mm profile Also 1m of steel edging for boarding corners. 2 lengths of chrome hanging rail. 900mm by 25mm and 680mm by 20mm
Offer: Plant holders (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 4 x these pots that can be joined in a circle. They are about 30cm deep and 25cm across. For pick-up in Glasgow West End.
Offer: Hiking headlamp (Glasgow West End) Gifted - This is a headlamp with a working bulb. The battery connections require looking at to make the lamp work properly. For pick up in Glasgow West End.
Offer: A lot of screws (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 2 boxes of screws. Hundreds left in each box.
Offer: Bits for fitting a mortice lock. (Glasgow West End) Gifted - There is no lock just what you see in the photo.
Offer: Bicycle pump (Glasgow West End) Gifted - Working pump.
Offer: 2 car lamps (Glasgow West End) Gifted - These were for a Skoda Fabia from about 10 years back.
Offer: Brackets (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 8 x 100mm high and 80mm depth. The profile is a triangle rather than square. See photos.
Offer: Metal and plastic edging. (Glasgow West End) Gifted - There are 4 x 2m x 15mm lengths of steel edging 2 x 2m with a 50mm by 30mm profile Also 1m of steel edging for boarding corners.
Offer: Chrome lengths of rail. (Glasgow West End) Gifted - 2 lengths 1 x 900mm by 25mm 1 x 680mm by 20mm
Offer: Scanner printer all cables (Glasgow West End) Gifted - This scanner/printer comes with all cables and 3 ink cartridges. The scanner definitely works but the printer is very slow. Not sure what the problem is but someone with a little knowledge should be able to fix it.
Offer: Insulation roll x 2 (Glasgow West End) Gifted - To rolls of loft insulation. Glasgow west end. To be uplifted.
Offer: Netgear router (Glasgow West End) Gifted - Thus is a Netgear router from EE. i have just upgraded so no longer required. Has all the cables required.
Request: VRC player and digital transfer software (Glasgow West End) Received - I am looking to digitise some old family videos. I would like to get access to a video player and some digital transfer software to do this. The software needs to be Mac compatible. I am happy to borrow and return. Many thanks. Offer: Plusnet Router package. (Glasgow West End) Gifted - Complete router package boxed. Offer: White plastic storage bin with lid (Glasgow West End) Gifted - This bin has a secure lid. It is 28cm high and 28x24cm in diameter. Useful for storing all sorts of stuff. We had toys in it.
Offer: White tiles 75 approx 10x10cm (Glasgow West End) Gifted - These are white bathroom style tiles. They are 10x10cm. That is about 4" square in old money.
Offer: Cabin size suitcase (Glasgow West End) Gifted - This is a well cared for suitcase. All zips wheels etc work.
Offer: White tiles 75approx 10x10cm (Glasgow West End) Gifted - These are available again. They are white, 10x10cm in size and there are about 75 of them.