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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Toaster (Presteigne LD8) - Hi. Does anyone have a toaster they no longer want? A loving home is waiting! Presteigne or Norton area, please. Offer: Sea shells (Presteigne LD8) - We have a bag of shells collected from various seaside visits over the last few years. Anyone want them for a project? Request: dishcloth/craft cotton yarn (Presteigne LD8) - Does anyone have any dishcloth or craft cotton yarn (100% cotton) to spare? Any colour, and part balls are fine. Presteigne and Norton only, please. Thank you very much. Request: leek seedlings (Presteigne LD8) Withdrawn - Not sure what happened to our leek seedlings this year, only a few came through. Does anyone have any spares? Presteigne and Norton only, please, for ease of travelling. Many thanks. Request: Yoghurt maker (Presteigne LD8) Withdrawn - Does anyone have a yoghurt maker we could have, please? One of those electric ones with little pots. Thank you. Offer: Roll of book protector plastic covering (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Partially used roll of 270mm wide book protector plastic covering on a paper backing. Offer: Polystyrene balls (Presteigne LD8) - Approx 2kg of small polystyrene balls of the type for bean bag stuffing, etc. Offer: Walking pole ferrules (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Walking pole ferrules. The sloped type used with Nordic walking poles and the straight type. Some wear, particularly on the straight ones but perfectly serviceable. We have two pairs of these and will split them if there is more than one person interested. Offer: Leather punch (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Rotary leather punch with six punch sizes. Similar to the photo but no longer has the plastic sheath on the handles.
Offer: Knitting Yarn (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Bag of mixed yarn, different colours and weights. Offer: Crochet cotton (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Bag of spools of crochet cotton, mainly in cream and white. Offer: Candle moulds (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Box of hard plastic candle moulds in different shapes and sizes. Request: Seed trays (Presteigne LD8) Received - I've run out of seed trays. Anyone got any to spare? Presteigne or Norton only, please. Request: Greenhouse heater (Presteigne LD8) Received - Does anyone have an unwanted greenhouse heater? Thinking the old paraffin type or anything that is cheap to run. Many thanks. Offer: Bag of suede offcuts (Presteigne LD8) Gifted - Various colours, some larger pieces. Good for small projects, patching, etc. Request: Toaster (Presteigne LD8) - If Santa brought you a flash new toaster, I wonder if you are looking for a home for your old one? We would be very grateful. Request: fish kettle (Presteigne LD8) - Does anyone have a small fish kettle lurking unused at the back of the cupboard? We could provide a good home! Thanks. Request: Food dehydrator (Presteigne LD8) Received - Has anyone got a food dehydrator they no longer require, please? I'd like to be able to dry herbs, apples and tomatoes for all year use. Request: seed sprouter (Presteigne LD8) - Does anyone have a seed sprouter lounging about in the back of cupboard? Ideally one of those tiered ones. Thank you. Request: Baby bath (Presteigne LD8) Received - Colour and appearance not important as long as it holds water! Presteigne and Norton area only, please. Request: Adult step-through bike (Presteigne LD8) - Does anyone have a step-through bike in reasonable working condition that they no longer want or use? At the age of, er, well never mind about that, I have decided to try riding a bike after years of riding a tricycle.