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Request: Swivel chair for gaming (Penrith CA11) - Our 11 year old is desperate for a ‘gaming chair’ by which he seems to mean a swivel chair of some sort. If anyone has one you’re not using and could send me a photo so I can ask him if it’s the right sort I’d be very grateful! An office chair might pass muster but I’m not entirely sure!! Thanks. Request: Big bean bags (Penrith CA11) Withdrawn - We are after two or three big comfy bean bags for slouching on in a chill out area. Or bean bag chairs. If anyone has some that are no longer needed we’d give them a good home. Thanks. Request: Laptop (Penrith CA11) Received - I know it's a long shot but we'd really like a working laptop if anyone has upgraded and has their old one to pass on to a good home. Thank you. Request: Flat Screen TV (Penrith CA11) Received - We are looking for a flat screen tv of any size - small is fine. If anyone has recently got a new one and has an old one they don't need we'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Request: BMX mini rocker (Penrith CA11) Expired - This is a long shot, but if anyone has a BMX mini rocker that's no longer needed, our boy would love it. I had no idea what one was until today but I'm sure if you've got one, you'll know about it!! Thanks, Martha. Request: XBox 360 games age ten and under (Penrith CA11) Expired - We are looking for any Xbox 360 games suitable for up to ten year olds. Thanks. Request: Child's Carlisle United Football Strip (Penrith CA11) Expired - We are after a Carlisle United Football Strip or any othe CU items. Any size considered but ideally to fit age 7 years or older. Thanks.