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Request: 4 way valve from oxygen concentrato (Round Rock Mesa Ridge) - a part located between the sieve beds in all oxygen concentrators. Any Make model year will do. Thanks! Request: Blower motor for cpap (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Received - Make model year don’t make any difference just looking for the fan inside. Request: cpap (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Received - Does not matter what brand or even if it works or not. Offer: Rain water collection barrels (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Gifted - 55 gal. Blue, plastic, with spigot attached. Originally obtained through round rock program. Offer: Fiber board. Cabinets (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Gifted - This plus more. Dense boards, well used but plenty of good material for new build.
Photo of free Fiber board. Cabinets (Round rock Mesa Ridge)
Offer: Vacuum food sealer (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Gifted - Off brand, Can handle gallon bags Comes with adapter plug for use in US. Might adapt to food saver jar accessory hose.
Photo of free Vacuum food sealer (Round rock Mesa Ridge)
Offer: Seal a meal (Round rock Mesa Ridge) Gifted - Mdl VS 120 Accessory port Liquid tray
Photo of free Seal a meal (Round rock Mesa Ridge)
Request: Knee scooter (Round rock) Expired - Need to be able to stay off my foot Offer: Printer (Round rock) Gifted - Dell 1815dn Laserjet Bought it for the one part I needed, works, auto feed bed balks, missing hinge for top cover Request: 275 gallon tote (Round rock) Received - Seeking big plastic cube with metal tubing Offer: Gas dryer (Round rock) Expired - Working, replaced felt one year ago. Just had the opportunity to upgrade to one with more features and took it. this one works fine. Offer: Desk 4 drawers (Round rock) Gifted - Easier to move through doorways by one person. Once there, place it on its top, screw a piece of plywood underneath to splice it, flip it back over and you're golden.
Photo of free Desk 4 drawers (Round rock)