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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Plastic drip-trays for washing machine or dishwasher X 2 (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Two unused but dusty plastic driptrays for a dishwasher or washing machine - one slimline (45cm) and one standard (60cm). Available for collection from near the Level.
Offer: Bubble wrap - BN2, the Level (Hanover BN2) Gifted - A big pile of bubble wrap available for collection.
Offer: Metal racks of some sort - kitchen equipment? BN2, the Level (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Two metal stands from the back of the kitchen cupboard - don't even know what these are for to be honest (cooling baked goods?) but maybe useful for someone else...
Offer: Box of bric-a-brac including party banners (Hanover BN2) Gifted - One box of bric-a-brac - mainly party stuff including a "Happy Birthday" banner and some paper strands. Available for collection from near the Level
Offer: Coffee table - solid wood (Hanover BN2) - Solid wood coffee table available for collection from near the Level. NB this is heavy - you'll probably need two people and/or a big vehicle
Offer: Brightly coloured broken stoneware for art or crafts project (Hanover BN2) Withdrawn - Originally a Le Creuset red teapot and Denby blue bowl but too smashed in transit to be restored. Anyone need these colours for a project? Collection from near the Level, BN2.
Offer: Plates, oven dishes, misc kitchen stuff (Hanover BN2) Gifted - I have a pile of old plates, oven dishes and odd items from the kitchen to give away including a plastic tray for cutlery. Priority given for quick collection and those who will take all items together.
Offer: Cardboard boxes and packing material (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Mix of around 6 medium sized packing boxes, other smaller cardboard boxes, and a black bag of bubble wrap and other used packing material. Priority given for quick collection and those who will take all items.
Offer: Wardrobe / hanging rail in canvas and wood (Hanover BN2) Gifted - White wardrobe rail in canvas and light wood - for quick collection.
Offer: Intex Queen Size Airbed - hole which could be fixed (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Intex Queen Size Headboard Airbed available - cost over £65 new last year and has been a fantastic guest bed which plugs directly into the mains to inflate and deflate without any other equipment needed. It recently started deflating slightly in the night and I think there's a tiny hole somewhere which could be found and repaired with a bit of patience and the right kind of tape. We don't need it at the moment and don't have the time / kit to fix it so free to anyone who wants to give it a try.
Request: Iron pans, coffee machine, toaster, kettle (Hanover BN2) Withdrawn - We're camping in our empty flat for the next few months while our stuff is still in storage overseas and we're repainting our flat. I have some basics from friends already but would really like to find a few more kitchen items like pans, toaster, kettle and coffee machine. We would be happy to either return items early next year or to put them on Freegle for someone else once we have access to our own kitchen stuff again. NB There is an induction hob here so I can't use aluminium, copper or many steel pans. (The stainless steel pans my mother loaned me don't work on it. I thought they would but they seem to be the wrong kind of steel. I need to find some that do work - doesn't really matter how old and battered they are as long as a magnet sticks to them.) Thanks! Offer: BN2 - low upholstered chair - art / craft project? (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Cream patterned fabric upholstered chair with low seat and high back. Available for collection from near the Level ASAP. Some staining on fabric - see photos. Could be used with a throw or recovered by someone learning or practicing upholstery.
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Offer: Double airbed - fixable: BN2 (Hanover BN2) Gifted - Inflatable double airbed with built-in electric pump and comfortable textured sleeping surface with slightly raised pillow area. Fine for a child sleeping but does deflate noticeably overnight with an adult. We think there's a small hole somewhere and someone with time and a bike puncture kit could sort it out pretty easily. We don't need the bed right now and don't have time to fix it ourselves. It was very comfortable and the best airbed I've had until now.