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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Modular shelves (Wilmslow SK9) Withdrawn - Metal rimmed sturdy plastic shelving. Fixings available from Amazon /
Offer: Rug grippers 4 (Wilmslow SK9) Withdrawn - Needs carpet tape to stick to rug. Designed for rug to carpet.
Offer: Bunk bed lights (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - One unused one used. With instructions and fixings.
Offer: Bunk bed (Wilmslow SK9) Withdrawn - One un-used and one used. Both working order. Attachments instructions etc.
Offer: Shelving (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - 131cm high 75cm wide 31cm deep.
Offer: Paper delivery trolley (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Never collected by paper company. Stored outside (except bag).
Offer: Single duvets 2 (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - One feather one hollow fibre. Surplus to requirements
Offer: Double swing and slide set (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - TP double swing frame with tent and slide extension. Instructions for assembly available. To be dismantled by collector (has pegs to hold swings stable into lawn). Some rust and leaf debris but otherwise in full working order. As we expect multiple requests, please explain who will be using the set once reinstalled (own family, grandchildren, playgroup etc).
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Request: Garden bench (Wilmslow SK9) Received - I'd be delighted with any two seater garden bench for a shady spot in my garden. No specific materials or age - I just want to avoid the carbon impact of new items. Offer: DIY items (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Assorted DIY items. New paint brush set, masking tape, soap powder, rollers. Previously used roller frames, wire brush, dust sheet. Part used masking tapes including low tack.
Offer: Christmas lights (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Christmas icicle lights. No adaptor. In working condition. Cannot remember if indoor only or indoor/outdoor. Used in porch. Dial for different settings (on, flashing etc).
Offer: Pair of nested side tables (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Frosted glass and wood frame. Well used but no real marks.
Offer: Trio of telephones (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Trio of BT handsets. Batteries not included. Needs sockets for all and a phone line for the main handset. Working order.
Offer: Design your own clock (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Blank canvas with working clock mechanism (battery not included). Some minor marks
Offer: Used bathroom tiles collection asap please (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Mostly standard white, some blue curved edging and selection of dolphin tiles. Many unbroken.
Offer: Bank statement file (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Natwest bank statement file (empty!)
Offer: Oreck handheld hoover (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Includes spare bags and attachment. In working order.
Offer: Oreck XL7 (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Includes spare filter bags. In working order.
Offer: Babylis bath spa (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Attaches with suckers to side of bath to provide bubbled water. In working condition.
Offer: Pre-lit decorative twigs & pre-lit artificial flowers (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Two working sets of lights, with one working adaptor (but you need two to light both).
Offer: Garden edging (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - 24 looped linkable plastic-coated garden edging items. 38cm wide and 46cm high (before being sunk into the ground).
Offer: Seahorse decoration (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Papier mache turquoise painted seahorse - missing one sphere (top right) with integral hanging loop.
Offer: Sewing kit (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Biscuit tin with various sewing items including threads, buttons, ribbons, interfacing, fasteners, needles, pins, tailors chalk and thimbles.
Offer: Corded phone (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - BT telephone with Sky socket.
Offer: Brita universal water filters 3 (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Sealed.
Offer: Foil dishes (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Assorted (used but clean) foil dishes and three lids. Useful for school cookery projects or batch freezing
Offer: Cake decorating items (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Two foam blocks for cake decorating (one unused); two rolls of silver-coloured cake board paper, assorted items of foam for holding cake icing in place while it dries.
Offer: Basket (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Pink and chocolate brown woven basket, a little faded on top. W24cm L28cm D11cm
Offer: Torch (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Chunky RAC torch, with batteries (included)
Offer: Radio alarm clock (Wilmslow SK9) Gifted - Pink John Lewis radio alarm clock with instructions