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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Trash can / diaper pail (North Hollywood) - Free. Pick up in NoHo.
Offer: Wire hangers (North Hollywood) - About 25 wire hangers free for pick up. Edited to correct typo in title Mod
Offer: Wite hangers (North Hollywood) - About 25 wire hangers free for pick up.
Offer: Cutting boards (North Hollywood) - 3 cutting boards. Has some scratches but still good. We were gifted a a new set so don't need them anymore.
Offer: dollar store storage bin (North Hollywood) Gifted - Green. Good condition. 3 dividers and a handle.
Offer: 2 plastic bins (North Hollywood) Gifted - One large one small
Offer: 2 lucky bamboo (North Hollywood) Gifted - They need a little love and I almost killed them. Free to a good home. Offer: Bag of beanie babies (North Hollywood) Gifted - About 10 of them. My grandma sent them to me but I'd rather give them to someone who wants them.
Offer: 2 Disney "Magic Towels" (North Hollywood) Gifted - Cute Ariel and Belle "magic towels"
Offer: Cute 3 tier cake tin (North Hollywood) Gifted - It was part of a Benefit make up gift set. Real cute and it opens up.
Offer: Desk organizer (North Hollywood) Gifted - Spins, organize, good condition!
Offer: 2 baby/pet gates (North Hollywood) Gifted - Work great!
Offer: Stack of DVDs (North Hollywood) - Free
Offer: Stacks of records (North Hollywood) - We have a decedent size stack of old records. Come and get em. Offer: SAG Credit Union water bottle (North Hollywood) - Water bottle great condition
Offer: Donut pool floty (North Hollywood) - No holes, works fine, just dont have room to store it and never use it.
Offer: Wrapping paper and gift bags (North Hollywood) - Tons of gift wrap, gift boxes, bags, etc. We rearranged the guest room and don't have the space anymore.
Offer: Mailbox / File folder (North Hollywood) - Production mailbox / file folder. Works great just dont need it.
Offer: Wire and canvas basket - cute (North Hollywood) Gifted - Wire and canvas basket. Would look cute in a bathroom, kitchen, or guest room. We just dont have anywhere for it to go.
Offer: Samsung tablet (North Hollywood) Gifted - Samsung tablet. Currently not working but I'm sure someone smarter than me could fix it up.
Offer: Brita water pitcher (North Hollywood) Gifted - Brita style water pitcher (uses standard water filter inserts). Holds about 8 glasses of water. Works great and has a little sensor on top to tell you when filter is low. We got a larger one so no longer need this.
Offer: Acid Cigar Box (North Hollywood) Gifted - Good condition. Just a regular cigar box, but it's great to hold lots of things and it's pretty.
Offer: Plastic bins from Dollar Store (North Hollywood) Gifted - I have at least 4 Dollar Store plastic bins up for grabs. All bought 3 weeks ago for a trip.