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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Toilet or garden planter? (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) Gifted - Just remodeled our powder room with a corner toilet, so we’re looking for a home for our old toilet. Stain-free, no cracks or chips. Will need new seals, wax ring, etc. to be put back into service. 12” offset. Or, perhaps you can use the toilet as a whimsical planter in your garden. Maybe for an “Asters” planting?
Offer: Epson Photo R200 Printer (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) Gifted - Printer comes with all documentation, adapter to print on CDs/DVDs (ones with writable surface) and extra generic ink cartridges. Printer works, but may need head cleaning (as most inkjet printers do).
Offer: CPAP Cartridge Filter Kit (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) Gifted - This kit was mistakenly included in an order and the company said there was no need to send it back. The kit contains 3 filters and 3 check valves. I’m not sure what CPAP machines use these filters, but if you recognize them the kit is yours.
Offer: Variegated Hosta—Lots of it! (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) Gifted - Recently took down our above ground pool, and we are looking to pass along the hosta that bordered the pool. Easy dig, bring your boxes and shovels! This post will be removed when all the hosta is gone.
Request: costume jewelry (Fairport/Perinton) - Looking for costume or broken/unwanted jewelry for a pirate treasure hunt with our grandchildren, ages 2 to 5. Or anything that you might have (old keys, watches, etc.) to fill our treasure chest! Arrrrr thanks in advance!