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Offer: Bed stick/grab rail (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - This sits under the mattress and sticks up either side just to give a bit of support and stop falls from the bed in the night. You can google it to see what it is, but will try to add a photo later. Offer: Grab rail (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Grab rail (new), suitable for bathroom. Photo to come ... Offer: Hydrated lime (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - We bought a large sackful of this when we had chickens some years ago but no longer need it. Can anyone use it? Offer: La Jolie Ronde French resources (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Lots of the books etc (the first several - Early Years, Books 1-4, Activity book, CDs) from the La Jolie Ronde French language course for children. Very useful if your child is doing the course (I don't remember them being very cheap to buy). Anyone who can use them welcome to collect ... Offer: Cardboard boxes (Hilmarton SN11) Withdrawn - Hi - thought I read someone was looking for packing boxes, but can't find it now! We have a carful of small to medium cardboard boxes (eg around 35 X 45 X 55cm) suitable for packing smaller items. Request: Magazine file boxes (Hilmarton SN11) Received - I am looking for open magazine boxes in which to store papers/leaflets (the sort that look like narrow boxes cut diagonally in the middle) if anyone has some they are not using. Many thanks! Offer: William Morris calendar (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Lovely V&A William Morris calendar - unfortunately I had already been given several but hate for this not to be used! Kathryn Offer: Inflatable bath buoy for water saving (Hilmarton SN11) - This attaches to the bottom of the bath to help it to fill up more quickly and save water. Mainly deflated in the picture!
Photo of free Inflatable bath buoy for water saving (Hilmarton SN11)
Offer: Cardboard packing boxes (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Two large cardboard boxes available in Hilmarton, nr Calne Request: Scientific calculator (Hilmarton SN11) Received - If any ex-students have an old scientific calculator they are no longer using would be happy to collect (from Chippenham/Calne/surrounding villages) - my son keeps losing his! Kathryn Request: Kitchen mixer tap (Hilmarton SN11) - We need to replace the mixer tap for our kitchen sink, if anyone is replacing their kitchen and has one to give away ... Many thanks, Kathryn Request: Portable CD player (Hilmarton SN11) Received - Hallo - am looking for a portable CD player, to take in for hospital visits. Can collect from Calne, Chippenham and surrounding areas. Many thanks, Kathryn Request: Wooden bedside table (Hilmarton SN11) Received - Tall-ish bedside table needed for my elderly father who has just moved in with us. Big enough for large clock/tissue box/book etc. Happy to collect from Calne and surrounding areas (Chippenham, Lyneham, Derry Hill etc). Many thanks, Kathryn Request: Wooden bedside table needed (Hilmarton SN11) Received - My father has just moved in with us and needs a high-ish tablel on which to put his clock/book/mug etc, if there are any going spare ... Offer: Large suitcase (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Large red suitcase, served us well, but surplus to requirements!
Photo of free Large suitcase (Hilmarton SN11)
Offer: Chicken house (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - Chicken house available, around 1.23m long, width about 1m and height 84cm.
Photo of free Chicken house (Hilmarton SN11)
Offer: Very large tractor tyre (Hilmarton SN11) Gifted - We were going to use this as a raised garden bed and have already cut out the top inner ring so that it is ready to fill in with soil. (We then had a relative move in and the spot where we were going to put it had an extension built on!). You would need a trailer to collect - please contact me if you would like any further details. Kathryn Offer: Chicken house (Hilmarton SN11) - Chicken house available, around 1.23m long, width about 1m and height 84cm. Sorry, for some reason the picture has come out sideways!
Photo of free Chicken house (Hilmarton SN11)
Offer: Chicken houses and accessories (Hilmarton SN11) - We have two chicken houses in reasonably good order, plus a couple of feeders and odds and ends I will try to post some pictures when it stops raining!