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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 3+2 seater settees (Trosnant NP4) Gifted - Brown faux leather scatterback settees. These are in excellent condition but not available for a couple of weeks. Offer: Garden gate (Trosnant NP4) Withdrawn - Good quality heavy garden gate with latch and hinges. Ideal for a front garden entrance. It's 1.9 high x 0.75 wide plus about 30mm for hinges. Needs a repaint but otherwise in excellent condition.
Photo of free Garden gate (Trosnant NP4)
Request: Computers working or not. (Trosnant NP4) Expired - Does anyone have any desktop or laptop computers they no longer need? It doesn't matter whether they are broken as I can generally fix them up. Computers that won't boot or laptops with broken screens will be welcome. I fix them up and give them to those locally that need them. Thanks in advance. Offer: Blood Gluco meter (Trosnant NP4) Gifted - A OneTouch blood glucose monitoring system. Everything included. This system is brand new in the box and completely unused. It was sent in error by OneTouch who have now said to keep or dispose of it. Request: Airfix type models (Trosnant NP4) Withdrawn - Does anyone have any unmade Airfix type kits, preferably planes. I'd like to get my grandson involved in modelling but the kits are quite expensive to buy as an experiment. Thank you in advance. Offer: A6 photo paper (Trosnant NP4) Withdrawn - I have around 30 sheets of A6 or approximately 7.5" x 4" premium photo paper. These were from a Samsung thermal "photosnaps" thermal printer but make excellent and durable photographic quality paper. Offer: Books (Trosnant NP4) Withdrawn - A large collection of paperback and some hardback books. All fictional. Request: Meccano (Trosnant NP4) Expired - Does anyone have any Meccano that they no longer use? Thanks in advance. Offer: Aluminium containers (Trosnant NP4) Withdrawn - I have around 20 small quite robust aluminium containers that someone may find useful for hobbyist etc storage. They are about 3" by 2" by i.5" deep in size. Ideal for small jelly moulds. Offer: VAX PowerMax (Trosnant NP4) Expired - Carpet cleaner. Hardly used. Request: Computers working or not (Trosnant NP4) Expired - Does anyone have any desktop or laptop computers that they no longer need or want. It doesn't matter whether they're not working or even damaged. I repair and recycle them and then donate them to people in the local community who otherwise couldn't afford them. Offer: Electronic IC's etc (Penperlleni NP4) Gifted - A selection of about seventy mainly CMOS logic chips plus timer chips, amplifier chips and numeric and bargraph displays. There is also a "training board" which contains several digital (TTL) IC's and allows the user to see how logic circuits work. Request: Fridge freezer (Trosnant NP4) Received - Urgently needed please as ours has packed up overnight. Offer: Aiwa Za20 hifi unit (Trosnant NP4) Gifted - Aiwa Za20. Includes triple CD deck, dual cassette deck, AM/FM tuner, vinyl record deck, speakers and remote control.