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Offers  and  Requests
Request: TV aerial (Cults AB15) Received - Does anyone have an indoor TV aerial they no longer need please? Offer: 4 mugs, milk jug and sugar bowl, glass dish (Cults AB15) Gifted - Surplus to requirements - take them all or select one or two!
Offer: Two squash racquets and a snooker cue (Cults AB15) Gifted - These are probably at least 20 years old but still usable - will split if you just want one of the items.
Offer: Floral art containers (Cults AB15) Gifted - An assortment of plastic and basket type containers that might be useful for flower arrangers. Request: Plug for lighter socket (Cults AB15) Received - We seem to have lost the central (fuse?) bit of the plug for our electric cool box - it's the one on the left hand side of the picture. The plug on the right is how it should look but getting a replacement fuse with the right thread is proving difficult. Wondering if anyone has a lighter plug they no longer need that looks similar to this?
Offer: Old wooden trolley (Cults AB15) Gifted - Good upcycling project for someone - this trolley has seen better days as the one leaf has split but it is made of a stained hardwood and has not been varnished so might be of interest to a wood worker to turn into other things?
Offer: Fax Machine (Cults AB15) Gifted - Comes with 2 spare rolls of fax paper. Can be used as a normal phone and switched to fax when required. Also has speaker phone facility.
Offer: Underfelt (Cults AB15) Gifted - Underfelt measuring about 90cm x 3.5m - might be useful to someone for patch up areas or in the garden perhaps?
Offer: Vermiculite (Cults AB15) Gifted - Bag of vermiculite - has been in a bag in the garden for a long time so is very damp but probably still usable.
Offer: Shredded paper (Cults AB15) Gifted - I have a black bag of shredded paper that might be useful for packaging or for pet bedding Offer: Old Sky+ box (Cults AB15) Gifted - Just found this lurking in the cellar, don't know if it's much good to anyone now and I don’t know if I can find cables to go with it but if anyone is interested I'll have a look!
Offer: Comfy chair, quite old so no flame retardant stuff I'm afraid (Cults AB15) Gifted
Offer: Inula and crocosmia (Cults AB15) Gifted - Pulled out a few roots and corms... inula is a large yellow daisy type flower that blooms in late summer. Also have some common orange crocosmia corms and a few other bits and pieces if anyone is interested? Request: Digital tv receiver (Cults AB15) Received - We have an old tv that has been working fine with a digibox but now the digibox has packed up. Hoping that maybe someone has replaced an old tv and now has a digibox going spare? Offer: Large chest freezer, not working! (Cults AB15) Gifted - Someone was looking for one recently for storage, not to freeze stuff. This one broke down today so we are having to replace it. It should be available from Friday but will need a van and two strong people to move it.