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Request: Shelving units/fridges (Chapeltown LS7) - I work for a charity organisation housing and supporting young homeless people(16-25yrs). I am in the process of setting up a food bank, we have some some organisations willing to regularly donate food for us to not only give our tenants food parcels but run cooking workshops to teach them cookery skills and cooking on a budget.thank you for reading so far.. we are in desperate need of some shelving and fridges to store the food we receive.. please ask friends family and colleagues if anyone is able to assist. Kind Regards Sandy Request: Xbox controllers (Chapeltown LS7) Expired - We were kindly donated an xbox for a client, however the controllers don't work.. if anyone has a couple of controllers rolling around at the back of a draw please consider us.. TIA regards Request: Folding chairs (Chapeltown LS7) Received - I have a family event pending and i am going to require additional seating however I have very limited storage space so if anyone has any folding chairs they no longer use, I would be most grateful and can collect at a mutually agreeable time.. Kind Regards and thank you for reading Sandy Request: Lockers (Chapeltown LS7) Expired - I know this is a very long shot, but iam starting a new role in a charity organisation managing a team of staff and want to give everyone a personal lockable cabinet, so was wondering if there are any offices, refurbishing or got some lockers they need out of the way we can make use of.. or even some guidance where I can access some very reasonably priced items. Request: Baby gate (Chapeltown LS7) Received - I need to keep new addition to family from going up the stairs.. already had one fall luckily only from 3 steps up.. needs to be width adjustable.. ki d regards and thank you for reading.. Request: Large dog cage (Chapeltown LS7) Expired - Does anyone have a large dog cage they no longer use gathering dust.. we have acquired a new member to the household who has taken a liking to my furniture when on her own.. . Thank you for reading and considering Regards Request: Last minute plea for a tv (Chapeltown LS7) Received - If anyone is purchasing a new tv for Christmas and has one spare, don't care the size.. .. one of our tenants tv broke last night. I can't bare the thought of him over the holidays alone and no tv. I can collect anytime, I will go the extra mile for him and collect out of my work hours.. thank you for reading and hope you all have as best as possible holiday no matter how you celebrate or not kind regards Sandy Request: Drum sticks.. (Chapeltown LS7) Received - If anyone has and drums sticks they no longer use will you please bare me in mind, those of you who have assisted me before are familiar with my job role and I have a client interested in taking up drumming.. would like to be able to give them as a gift for Christmas. Request: Sturdy clothes rail (Chapeltown LS7) Expired - We are hoping to hold an open day for our homeless clients to chose from a selection of donated clothes and coats. We would like to place things on a rail rather than it feeling like a jumble sale, so hoping someone has a strong sturdy clothes rail/rack we can present donations on.. thank you for reading and seeing if you can help. Its appreciated.. Free: Baking items (Chapeltown LS7) Gifted - These are new unused... 3x 12 pack of baking cups.. cutter set to make gingerbread house..
Photo of free Baking items (Chapeltown LS7)
Free: Baking cups (Chapeltown LS7) Gifted - 3 boxes each containing 12 sturdy strong premium baking cups. All to go in one lot..
Photo of free Baking cups (Chapeltown LS7)