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Request: Patio doors/French window unit or similar (Sneinton NG2) - Glazed door/window unit that we can make to fit our garage/outbuilding, if anyone is having any nice new ones fitted we could make use of your old ones thanks in advance Request: Large rug (Sneinton NG2) Withdrawn - I'm looking for a large rug, bigger the better to make our wooden floor more cosy for the winter, any colour will do just need the warmth thanks for looking Request: Garden gate (Sneinton NG2) Withdrawn - I'm looking for a garden gate, metal, wood, anything considered thanks Request: Open shelves/Bookcase (Sneinton NG2) Received - I need some type of open shelving for displaying plants etc if anyone has any surplus to requirements. Thanks for looking Request: Wire Shelving unit (Sneinton NG2) Received - I am looking for a sturdy wire shelving unit, any size considered,we have transport so pick up will be no problem, thanks for looking Request: Builders/ Rubble sack (Sneinton NG2) Expired - Hi everyone I'm looking for a couple of these strong sacks to use in the garden if anyone has any to spare thanks Jenny Offer: wickery baskety things (Sneinton NG2) Gifted - loads of wicker baskets etc all very very dusty and will need a good dry brush !! would be good for flower arrangers etc about 4 x black bin bags full all must go asap and priority given to someone who will take the lot or its off to the tip on Monday :
Photo of free wickery baskety things (Sneinton NG2)
Offer: steamer trunks (Sneinton NG2) Gifted - These are all in need of renovation and very dusty/rusty from being stored in the garage, must go ASAP priority given to someone who will take the lot! Good project if you have the time.
Photo of free steamer trunks (Sneinton NG2)
Offer: Solid Fuel Range Cooker (Sneinton NG2) Gifted - My much loved Solid Fuel Stanley Range cooker which is now dismantled in the garden needs a new home if anyone can use it. Its EXTREMELY HEAVY!!! and will take some moving. Please only be in contact if you have the means to move and transport it successfully.
Photo of free Solid Fuel Range Cooker (Sneinton NG2)
Request: Light Fitting rise and fall type (Sneinton NG2) Received - The sort of light which was popular in the 60s 70s and 80s Offer: Slow cookers and Multi cooker (Sneinton NG2) Gifted - I have 2 x "old fashioned" slow cookers with removable crock pots (great for keeping mulled wine/gravy / soup etc warm @ Christmas, also a multi cooker which can be used as a frying pan or with its removable crock for casseroles/ roast chicken etc all will need a good scrub as they have been stored in garage for some time priority given to anyone who wants them all
Photo of free Slow cookers and Multi cooker (Sneinton NG2)
Offer: catering pans etc (Sneinton NG2) Gifted - Loads of "old style" catering size pans, steamers and double boiler (bain marie) etc All a bit dusty from being stored in the garage, if they are any good to anyone before we have to take them to the tip which would be a shame
Photo of free catering pans etc (Sneinton NG2)
Request: water dispenser (Sneinton NG2) Received - old type of Water Dispenser that sits flat on fridge shelf