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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Islington council garden recycling bag (Stoke Newington N16) - We seem to have 2 of these, but we are in Hackney. Would anyone in Islington borough like them?
Offer: Backpack old but in good shape! (Stoke Newington N16) Gifted - We have this old backpack that someone might find of use. It's in really good shape. The one exception is the top pocket - it needs to be repaired/sewed up.
Offer: Islington Council garden waste bags (Stoke Newington N16) Gifted - We have 2 of these somehow, but we're in Hackney. Anyone in Islington want them?
Offer: Islington Garden recycling bag (Barnsbury N1) Withdrawn - We have 2 but are in Hackney, if you are in Islington and they'd be of help let me know!
Offer: Child education books (Stoke Newington N16) Gifted - An old housemate left a box of books all about child education. Anyone need them? Pick up times/days flexible, just message me (we're in Stoke Newington near Clissold park)
Offer: paper cutter (Stoke Newington N16) Gifted - We have a small paper cutter we don't need anymore, if you would find it useful please let me know! Pick up times flexible.
Offer: pillow (Stoke Newington N16) Withdrawn - We have a brand new special "support" pillow that an old housemate bought but never used. Pick up times flexible, just let me know.
Offer: 2 drawer filing cabinet (Milton Gardens Estate N16) Gifted - Black, in great condition, 40x40x65. Not heavy, one person can probably carry it small distances. Flexible pick up times, just let me know.
Offer: Small chest of drawers (Milton Gardens Estate N16) Gifted - Wood frame with soft drawers, in good condition, just not needed in our shared house. 80cm tall, 31cm deep and 37cm wide. Not very heavy at all, one person can probably carry it. Pick up flexible, just let me know.
Request: USB plug (Milton Gardens Estate N16) Received - Hello, I seem to be down to just one usb plug to charge devices. I'd buy one but I'm betting loads of people have many extra, as they usually come with every device you buy! What I mean is a mains UK plug with a usb slot. If you have one you can spare please let me know! Thanks! Offer: Electronics (Milton Gardens Estate N16) Gifted - Freecom external DVD recorder, barely used, in original box. Usb 2.0/Lightscribe. 20X highspeed drive.
Offer: Ecover dishwasher tablets & rinse aid (Milton Gardens Estate N16) Gifted - We don't have a dishwasher anymore, and we have some tablets & rinsaid left over. If you'd like them let me know!