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Offer: Single divan bed (BT16) Gifted - Single divan bed with mattress and head board. A few years old now, but in good condition and clean. Needs to go in next couple of days due to house move. Collect from Lisburn.
Photo of free Single divan bed (BT16)
Offer: Single bed with mattress (Lisburn BT28) Withdrawn - Single divan bed with mattress and head board. A few years old, but clean and in decent condition. Keen to move ASAP, due to house move.
Photo of free Single bed with mattress (Lisburn BT28)
Offer: Dining table (Lisburn BT28) Gifted - Mahogany dining table, central folding leaf. Water stain marks on surface, but in solid condition. We have used it with a table cloth, with no problem. Keen to pass on ASAP, due to house move. Offer: Washing Machine - need of repair (BT16) Gifted - Offer: Samsung washing machine. The drum is gone in it I think, but the rest of the machine is in good condition. It may be repairable, or if someone has use for the motor. I can leave it in the drive if you want to collect while maintaining social distance. Offer: Single bed mattress (Dunlady BT16) Gifted - Mattress for single bed. Good few years old, but still clean. Offer: Box of electrical items (Dunlady BT16) Withdrawn - Box of random electrical items - kettle, BT broadband hub, intercom handset and speaker. All were working when last used, but have been sitting about for a while. Will be dumped if not required by anyone. Offer: Fluorescent lamps (Dunlady BT16) Gifted - Mixture of new fluorescent lamps. Three 35W T5 5 foot linear tubes, three 55W PL U-shaped lamps, one 4-pin compact fluorescent. Will be taken to the dump if they are of no use to anyone. Offer: Plastic sheeting (Dunlady BT16) Gifted - Plastic covers that came with new mattresses (3 single). Might be of use to someone decorating as dust sheets. Will be dumped if not wanted. Offer: Cardboard box (Dunlady BT16) Expired - Large heavy duty cardboard box. About 1.5m x 0.6m x 0.45m. Thought I would see if anyone wants it before dumping. Offer: Wooden blinds (Dunlady BT16) Expired - Wooden blinds, white finish. 1.8m wide with a drop of about 1.2m. The handle that closes and opens them is damaged - it still works, but is broken to a short length. It should be able to be fixed if required. Offer: Office desk (Dunlady BT16) Expired - My work has a couple of office desks that are to be dumped. Would need picked up in a van in the next two days. Light wood with metal frame.
Photo of free Office desk (Dunlady BT16)
Offer: Flight case (Dunlady BT16) Expired - Grey case with clasps. About 20x17x8 inches. Bit grubby, and has old spotlights inside, but could be useful for something.
Photo of free Flight case (Dunlady BT16)
Request: Nintendo Wii Accessories (Dunlady BT16) Expired - Has anyone any accessories for the Nintendo Wii that they are no longer using? Especially looking for a hand controller, but will take anything! Offer: OFFER: Carpet, cream (Dunlady BT16) Expired - I have a carpet we have lifted. It's about 3.5m x 4m. It's cream, in good condition with a few small marks here and there. Will need a van or trailer to pick up.