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Offer: Pink Single bed frame (Barton GL1) - Pink metal single bed frame. Offer: bunk beds (Barton GL1) Gifted - I have a set of pink metal bunk beds to give away. They can either be used as bunk beds or as two single beds. One is currently up as a single bed. The other was taken apart when we moved house so may need new bolts and screws to put it back together. Mattresses are also available if you would like them although these are old and were given to us by another freegle user.
Photo of free bunk beds (Barton GL1)
Photo of free bunk beds (Barton GL1)
Offer: Single bed mattresses (Barton GL1) - I have 4 single bed mattresses to give away. They were given to us by freegle users in the past and still have some life in them. Happy to give them away individually or all together. Offer: Single bed frames (Barton GL1) Gifted - Two white metal single bed frames. These can be used as bunk beds but the ladser and safety rail for top bunk are da maged so would be safer as two single beds. Mattresses are available if desired but these are old and were given to us by another freegle user.
Photo of free Single bed frames (Barton GL1)
Offer: Under counter fridge/feeezer (Barton GL1) Gifted - Small under the counter white fridge freezer in good working order. The fridge door sometimes comes open by itself - may be a fault which could easily be rectified. It was given to us 2 years ago by another freegle user. Happy to pass on to someone who can make good use of it. Needs to be collected evenings or weekend. There some marks and small dents due to age and general wear and tear. Offer: washing machine (Barton GL1) Gifted - Washing machine for spares and repairs as the door is not closing properly. Needs collecting.