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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Office chair (St. Charles) Gifted - It is good condition, but it is small. My 5'8" daughter can not sit in it comfortably.
Photo of free Office chair (St. Charles)
Offer: Moving supplies (St. Charles) - These are actually inserts for shipping candles, but I used them to move glasses and smaller fragile things. They fit on top of each other to protect top and bottom. I do not have the box that they fit perfectly into, but I think any cardboard box would work. I used them to move the glasses to an antique tea set.
Photo of free Moving supplies (St. Charles)
Offer: Miniature wstering can (St. Charles) - Sea foam green color
Photo of free Miniature wstering can (St. Charles)
Offer: Yoga CD's (St. Charles) - Brand new. Still in wrappers.
Photo of free Yoga CD's (St. Charles)
Offer: Mermaid sign (St. Charles) Gifted - It lights up using 2 AA batteries.
Photo of free Mermaid sign (St. Charles)
Offer: Cassette tapes (St. Charles) - Beethoven, Mozart, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, relaxation, The Nutcracker, harp music, and a Chanukah tape.
Photo of free Cassette tapes (St. Charles)
Offer: Cell phone purse/keychain wallet (St. Charles) Gifted - Purse big enough for a cell phone. Keychain/wallet can fit some cash
Photo of free Cell phone purse/keychain wallet (St. Charles)
Offer: Space things (St. Charles) Gifted - Pictures, cards, and stickers about NASA and space.
Photo of free Space things (St. Charles)
Offer: Soccer ball night light (St. Charles) Gifted - It changes colors and has a setting where it cycles all the colors. Comes with the cord, BUT NOT THE PLUG IN. It is a normal usb attachment so any cell phone plug will work. About 10 inches tall.
Photo of free Soccer ball night light (St. Charles)
Offer: Chapstick holder (St. Charles) Gifted - Keychain chapstick holder with soccer balls on it.
Photo of free Chapstick holder (St. Charles)
Offer: Hand roller (St. Charles) - Massage roller that is wooden
Photo of free Hand roller (St. Charles)
Offer: Flamingo lights (St. Charles) Gifted - Flamingoes that light up.
Photo of free Flamingo lights (St. Charles)
Offer: Bandanas (St. Charles) - Normal size.
Photo of free Bandanas (St. Charles)
Offer: Infinity scarf (St. Charles) - Blue, wavy pattern
Photo of free Infinity scarf (St. Charles)
Offer: Glitter tatoos (St. Charles) - There are a few different boxes/brands.
Photo of free Glitter tatoos (St. Charles)
Offer: Worry doll mirror (St. Charles) - 8 inches across. From Guatemala.
Photo of free Worry doll mirror (St. Charles)
Offer: Small backpack (St. Charles) - Mini size.
Photo of free Small backpack (St. Charles)
Offer: Small dish (St. Charles) - For jewelery or somthing small. Not for serving.
Photo of free Small dish (St. Charles)
Offer: Small stuffed bear (St. Charles) - Brand new. 6 inches tall.
Photo of free Small stuffed bear (St. Charles)
Offer: Wall hanging (St. Charles) Gifted - This is meant to be colored. It is 8 inch by 8 inch.
Photo of free Wall hanging (St. Charles)
Offer: Glass vase (St. Charles) - It was used to force bulbs to bloom. That is what the plastic base is for. The glass has a gold trim arpund the top.
Photo of free Glass vase (St. Charles)
Request: Irises (St. Charles) Received - Not looking for any particular color or type, any work. (Big or small) I am willing to come dig for them if need be. Offer: Shelf decoration (St. Charles) - About 12 inches tall. It is battery powered and lights up.
Photo of free Shelf decoration (St. Charles)
Offer: Plate/platter/glass storage (St. Charles) Gifted - These are soft sided. They are for storing plates, not packing them for a move. I used bubble wrap in between and I have that to go with this as well.
Photo of free Plate/platter/glass storage (St. Charles)
Offer: Shelving unit (St. Charles) Gifted - White. Used. Good condition
Photo of free Shelving unit (St. Charles)
Offer: Snowman Hostess set (St. Charles) Gifted - Sugar bowl, mini cream pitcher, salt, and pepper. Has been opened, but never used.
Photo of free Snowman Hostess set (St. Charles)
Offer: Egg vase (St. Charles) - Decorative piece with gold trim
Photo of free Egg vase (St. Charles)
Offer: Serving plate (St. Charles) - Light pink with etched flowers
Photo of free Serving plate (St. Charles)
Photo of free Serving plate (St. Charles)
Offer: Small blue pitcher (St. Charles) - Has an iridescent shine to it. Possibly a cream pitcher?
Photo of free Small blue pitcher (St. Charles)
Offer: Small basketball hoop (St. Charles) - This is small. It hangs on a door. I do not have the ball. Backboard is maybe 2 feet long.
Photo of free Small basketball hoop (St. Charles)