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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Girls bedroom curtains (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Girls Next bedroom curtains. Pencil pleat, blackout curtains, white background with butterfly design 166 x 137 cms Offer: Rayburn (Rilla Mill PL17) - Red Rayburn 480 twin burners, compete but needs T.L.C.
Photo of free Rayburn (Rilla Mill PL17)
Offer: Bath panel (Rilla Mill PL17) Expired - Bath panel 170 x 48 cms white enamel gloss on wood Inc plinth. Never used. Request: A child's easel (Rilla Mill PL17) Received - Need a child's easel please Request: Child's bicycle (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Bicycle suitable for six year old girl please. Offer: 2 seater settee (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - 2 seater settee, good condition, brown leather look. Offer: Headboard (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Pale blue padded headboard for single bed
Photo of free Headboard (Rilla Mill PL17)
Offer: Desk (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Computer desk with one drawer 40 inches by 23 inches reasonable condition
Photo of free Desk (Rilla Mill PL17)
Request: Small room heater (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Room heater for child's bedroom. Offer: Double bed frame no mattress. (Rilla Mill PL17) Expired - Double bed frame. Request: Table and chairs (Rilla Mill PL17) Withdrawn - Looking for a small gateleg table and chairs for confined space. Request: Outdoor storage chest (Rilla Mill PL17) Expired - Looking for an outdoor storage chest/ box for small Childs outdoor toys e.g. scooter, dolls pram Request: Chest of drawers (Rilla Mill PL17) Expired - Need chest of drawers for granddaughters bedroom as hers is no longer fit for purpose. Request: Exercise bike (Rilla Mill PL17) Received - Looking for an exercise bike or cross trainer please Request: Dolls cot/ bed (Rilla Mill PL17) Expired - Child's dolls cot or bed, not plastic