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Request: See no evil hear no evil DVD (B29 birmingham) - Any one has See no evil hear no evil on DVD one of my great films I like to have if anyone has Thanks Request: Cordless drill (B29 birmingham) - Anyone that no longer needs cordless drill I will much appreciate Request: Ipod (B29 birmingham) - I'm after ipod if you no longer need need one soon going away Request: Kids dinosaur dvd (B29 birmingham) - Any one has any dvd example like land before time Request: Satnav (B29 birmingham) - After Satnav if any one has one they no longer need as I will be needing one to travel soon Thankyou Request: Barbie dvd (B29 birmingham) - I'm after Barbie dvd's if any one has them I would really appreciate it Request: Harry Potter and other books (B29 birmingham) - I'm after old Harry Potter books and any other interesting old books as I am a big fan of these, so if you no longer need. I would appreciate this Thankyou Request: Vhs tapes (B29 birmingham) - Wanted VHS TAPES KIDS OR FILMS Request: Wanted VHS tape (B29 birmingham) - I'm after films or cartoons on VHS tape Request: Amstrad cpc 464 games (B29 birmingham) Withdrawn - Anyone giving away or no longer needs games fo Amstrad cpc 464 as I'm a big fan of these games I would appreciate if some one has these please Request: Mp3 player (B29) Expired - Mp3 player wanted urgently would appreciate it if anyone has one Thankyou. Request: Ebook reader (B29) Expired - Wanted ebook reader any make in working order Request: iPod wanted depending on model (B29) Expired - Will consider all types of ipods