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Request: Electric blanket (Gateacre L25) - Hi has anyone got a kingsize or double electric blanket they no longer use please in the liverpool area , it's for my elderly mum she's feeling the cold as she's not mobile thank you so much if you can help Request: Cat activity tree (Gateacre L25) - Hi does anyone in the liverpool area have activity tree for cats they no longer need please I have 2 rescue's that had been abandoned and need something like the photo for them I've bought them a small one but they fight over who's getting on it lol thank you in advance if anyone can help also any cat toys going spare I'd be happy to take them too
Request: Large Dog cage (Gateacre L25) Received - Hi has any one in the liverpool area ( I'm in L25 ) got a dog cage they no longer need please we are desperate for one if anyone does have one could I be considered please thank you so much Request: Wardrobes (Gateacre L25) - Hi im asking for my housebound 84 year old mum she is desperate for wardrobes however she cant pick up so if anyone has any and could possibly deluver id be happy to pay for delivery shes looking for at least 2 hope someone can help her out thank you in advance Request: Laptop (Gateacre L25) - Hi big ask I know but has anyone near L25 ( or near as possible so i can get a bus ) have a working laptop you no longer use please If you have could I possibly have it please thanks so much its for my grandaughter thank you so much Request: Sofa bed settee (Gateacre L25) - Hi does anyone have a sofa bed they no longer need in liverpool please. If so could I possibly be considered for it I'd be so grateful .Thank you so much I have my grandaughter staying with me Request: corner glass wall display cabinet (Gateacre L25) - wanted hi does anyone have a wall corner glass cabinet they no longer want please im hoping to get one to put a ashes urn and photo and memrobilia in please .possibly near bellevale thank you can i can pay for delivery thank you so much x Request: Corner wall unit like photo (Gateacre L25) Received - Hi I'M LOOKING FOR ANYTHING SIMILAR TO THE PHOTO TO PUT MY MEMORY ASHES AND PHOTO AND KEEPSAKES IN . if anyone has one they no longer need I'd be so grateful , near to L25 please if possible or if you could deliver thank you so much
Request: Soft sided Pet carrier (Gateacre L25) - Hi I know it's a big ask ,my cat has cancer and needs to wear a cone permantly so I need a large soft carrier like in the picture ( it's not mine it's copied off internet ) to take her for her medication to the vet if anyone has one they no longer need could I be cosidered for it please, thank you so much
Request: Car Battery Charger (Gateacre L25) Received - Hi does anyone have a dell charger they no longer need please I'm not sure if my laptop is working as I've mislaid the charger off it Thank you Request: Double oven (Gateacre L25) Received - Hi my double oven blew up New Year's Eve and was wondering if anyone has one they no longer need and could possibly deliver please I'm happy to pay for delivery as I'm desperate thank you so much