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Request: French Doors (Snailbeach SY5) Withdrawn - Hi I am looking for a set of French Doors for my workshop please. Thank you for considering this . Request: Duvet Covers for crafting (Snailbeach SY5) Withdrawn - Hi I am needing duvet covers for a large craft project. Any colours and size considered. Thank you for considering this. Request: wheel chair please. (Penley SY13) Withdrawn - I am looking for a light weight wheelchair please. Offer: Sand Pit (Snailbeach SY5) Gifted - Pink Turtle shaped lidded sand pit.
Photo of free Sand Pit (Snailbeach SY5)
Offer: Play Kitchen, pans and vegetable. (Snailbeach SY5) Gifted - Old plastic play kitchen with some vegatables and a few pans. All for lets pretend use for little people. All quite untidy but useable . Request: Large mirror please (Snailbeach SY5) Received - Hello, I am looking for a large mirror please. It is not for use inside the house so it doesn't need to in a frame or be pristine. thanks for considering this. Request: A small piece of Marble or slate please. (Snailbeach SY5) Received - Hi, I am looking for a small piece of marble or slate to turn an old singer sewing machine base into a garden table; It's really the sort of thing somebody may have lurking in their garden - you know 'someday I might use this for something ' but it doesn't happen. I promise I didn't remove the sewing machine for this as that would be sacrilege . Request: Electonic Keyboard (Snailbeach SY5) Received - Hi I would love to have a keyboard a - Roland Cassio Hammond or other - just to enjoy knocking out a tune. Thanks for considering this.