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Request: Old PlayStation 1 games (Rainham Kent ME8) - Hi I’m a retro gamer and I love the PlayStation 1 if anyone has any games please let me know thank you in advance for your time Request: Old game consoles (Rainham Kent ME8) - If you looking to get rid of console please let me know thank you very much and thank you for youtime Request: Old pcs and laptops (Rainham Kent ME8) - Any size any condition I’m looking for old pca and laptops please I like to fix things and I like to give them to a new home for people without these sorts of stuff I’m not looking New just whatever you don’t want thank you for your time and patience my name is alan so please don’t be shy to come and message me Request: Usb hub (Rainham) - Hi i am looking for a usb hub as need it for a windows 10 tablet i got given please if anyone has one please message me thank you Request: Pc parts wanted (Rainham) - I like to tinker and fix things so if you got any old desktops and laptops or just pc parts i would love to take them of your hands and help you out so if any offers just message me on trashnothing or freegal or whatsapp me on 07495 619613 and i will respond this is a hobbie i do and i would like to help as much as i can so if you got old unsed desktops or old laptops just message me thank you in advance and please dont hesitate by calling me i will pick up Request: Taking old pcs laptop tablet (Rainham) - Take pc games old laptop and old pc and old tablets i also repair pcs and laptop so if you got any questions just message me thank you in advance aa Request: Keyboard music instrument (Rainham) - For my daughter so i can teach her to play Request: Baby gates (Rainham) - Wanted baby gates as my daughter is crawling now Request: Computers and computer parts and la (Rainham) - Dont need a hardrive just has to be working and with charger and must deliver Request: Pc parts (Rainham) - Any pc parts Request: Desktop computer (Rainham) - Any size must have ddr3 ram or above Request: Old laptops and pcs (Rainham) - Any make any condition i take it only if you can deliver Request: Old laptops or pc (Rainham) - Any size make or broken Request: Gamecube or gamecube controller (Rainham) - Working condition Request: Xbox 360 (Rainham) - Any color working order please need one Request: Raspberry pi (Rainham) - To do my testing with new os Request: Midi instrument s (Rainham) - Working please Request: Mobile phone (Rainham) - White Request: Laptops (Rainham) - Old or new with or without chargers Request: Laptops wanted (ME8) - Old or new laptops with or without chargers as i fix them to use Request: pc parts and dell 130 watt (ME2) - Any working condtion And a dell xps 130 watt charger
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Request: pc parts (ME2) - Any working condtion